How to teach your dog to greet people – Transcript

Hi I'm Ross from Battersea and today we're here at our centre in Old Windsor, we're going to be showing you how to teach your dog to sit when meeting new people  

Lots of dogs find meeting new people very exciting and can jump up, lick or mouth  

This is a polite way to teach them to say hello  

Some dogs are also nervous of meeting new people so this will teach them how to deal with this situation 

Remember your words and behavior even by saying no is still giving them attention so avoid responding to them at all  

This will take some practice  

You now probably need a friend to help you out  

To start your dog will need to know how to sit  

If you haven't already taught this and check out our video on how to do that  

Excitement to meet new people often starts when the doorbell rings so to start with we'll show you how to desensitize your dog to the doorbell or when someone's knocking  

Have your friend ring a doorbell and if they are calm give them a treat and if they are calm give them a treat 

However if they're excitable ignore them until they are calm  

Repeat this until the doorbell prompts your dog to calmly look at you delaying the reward three to five seconds to build up the time your dog can stay calm after the doorbell 

Once your dog can do this ask your friend to ring the doorbell and have your dog sit slightly away from the door so they can enter the room 

If it's easier you can have them on a lead  

Reward your dog if they continue to sit as the person enters  

If they get up person should leave, the exercise should be restarted without reward  

Repeat this with your dog sitting for as long as possible  

You want a new person to be standing next to your dogs while they're sitting  

When your dog can do this you can tell your dog it's okay for them to say hello  

I'll give them the command “say hello” 

Give you a visitor a treat and ask them to place it on the floor as the dog comes towards them  

This will help keep your dogs energy facing downwards the visitor can then say hello to your dog  

Now you know how to teach your dog to sit meeting new people for more videos on how to train your dog The Battersea Way visit our website and follow our channels