Islay Dog Rescue

At Battersea, not only do we look after the dogs and cats that arrive at our centres, we’re also here for all of the animals who we may never meet through our work with other rescue centres in the UK and abroad.

One recent partner we’ve provided training and expertise to is Islay Dog Rescue in Ayrshire. We helped this small rescue organisation to improve their operational and welfare standards, which positively impacted all of the animals in their care.

Working with Islay Dog Rescue

Members of our team visited Islay Dog Rescue so that we could work together to implement changes to the way their kennels are set up, as well as their feeding and cleaning routines. We also developed bespoke behaviour and trick training sessions for staff and volunteers to improve the bond and trust they have with dogs like Sebastian.

A lively Collie-cross, Sebastian showed signs of stress in his kennel. While the team at Islay did lots of work to help Sebastian relax, there was still a way to go.

Our tailored training and care plans have helped the staff at Islay to do more for dogs like Sebastian with the resources they have. They were thrilled to report that after implementing some of the things they learnt in our sessions, Sebastian has started to relax and show his lovely personality.

The partnership between Battersea and Islay Dog Rescue has gone from strength to strength since 2020. Together, we have been able to better support rescue animals, rehome them quicker and give more dogs the second chance they deserve.

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