Koba's story

Koba came into Battersea as his owner’s family circumstances had changed, and they were struggling to care for him. Luckily, they made the right decision to bring him to a rescue that would be able to provide the care and love he needed until he found a new home. We try our best to be that home-from-home for all our dogs and cats until that day, and to ensure they always know they’re no less loved.

Koba arrived with an injury in his back leg, as his previous owners were unable to make a vet appointment during the pandemic. He was examined at the Battersea clinic and Veterinary staff identified a cruciate injury which they were able to operate on. What followed were months of postoperative care and physiotherapy, during which the clinic closely monitored Koba’s condition to ensure he got the best possible chance of a full recovery.

As Koba was a young, energetic dog, the behavioural team came up with a comprehensive plan to support his recovery and to make sure he stayed relaxed and enriched throughout. This included food puzzles, a slow increase in exercise, and even some training to familiarise him with the protective goggles he needed to wear during laser treatments for his back leg!

Because it took time for Koba’s wounds to heal, he eventually went on foster with a member of staff for two months so he could receive all the care and behavioural training he needed, including learning calm behaviour around people and other dogs.

Having spent a total of five months at Battersea and on foster, Koba eventually made a full recovery and found his new home. His owners have since been in touch to say how intelligent and lovely he is, and how he enjoys outings to the local beach.

As one of Battersea’s longest stays due to medical issues, Koba is a great example of how everyone at Battersea works together to help the animals in our care and set them up for their new life, no matter how long it takes.