Nala's Story

To launch our Wear Blue for Rescue campaign encouraging people everywhere to support rescue, we’re sharing the stories of some of the dogs and cats we’ve cared for who have come a long way and who have gone to their lovely new homes.

This is Nala’s story

Nala came to Battersea through no fault of her own. She was a much loved puppy who was playful and great with people and other dogs. Unfortunately, her previous owners could not cope with the demands of raising a puppy and realised they didn’t have the funds to do so, and so they made the responsible decision to bring Nala to Battersea.

At just three months old, Nala needed a bit more behavioural training in a home environment and socialisation with both people and dogs to help prepare her for a new home. She was taken in by foster carer Hannah, who was very dedicated to Nala’s training. Even at her young age, Nala was demonstrating some resource guarding behaviour; she would protect treats she deemed valuable, but with Hannah's help she was able to overcome this very quickly.

During their time together, Hannah saw that not only was Nala full of energy and enthusiasm, she was also very intelligent! As Nala was always eager to learn, Hannah put extra time and effort into her training sessions to bring out the best in her. What’s more, she has slotted right into the family and became fast friends with Hannah’s two existing dogs. Seeing the impact Nala has made on the family in a short space of time, Hannah realised she couldn’t let Nala go and decided to rehome her.

Nearly two years on, Nala is now a fully grown dog who is playful and well-trained. She loves playing with her dog siblings, “talking” to Hannah and making her laugh.

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