Is an older cat right for me?

Despite their grace and charms, older cats are often overlooked by people wanting to rescue a cat. Older cats can be just as cute, quirky and loving as their younger counterparts, so we’re taking a look at just some of the reasons why a more senior cat may be a great choice for you and your family.

Older cats are often more calm

Much like some humans, the older a cat gets, the less they like to roam and hunt. Older cats are more likely to be found curled up in a warm, cosy spot than running around, but they will show you their playful side when they want to. While it’s still important to keep your older cat stimulated and give them the option to play, they will probably want to do this less often than a younger cat, giving you more time for other things.

Older cats fit in better with a busy schedule

Older cats are naturally more settled and generally happier in their own company than younger cats and kittens. If you’re out all day and looking for a bit of feline company some evenings, then a suitable older cat may be your best bet. You will need to feed and refresh your cat’s water and litter trays regularly, but they will need less attention than a young kitten for example, who would need feeding four times a day.

Adult cats are more predictable

Rescuing an adult cat means you will have a much better idea of the cat’s personality and what they like and dislike. Staff at Battersea and other rescue centres will be able to advise you on an older cat’s behaviour, how well they might get on with younger members of the family, whether or not they can live with other cats and animals, any existing health issues, and more.

Older cats can be a better match for children

There’s no denying that kittens are cute and cuddly, but while their youthful energy and activity might be the perfect fit for your family now, their personalities are still developing and may change as they grow. By rescuing an older cat, you will have the added benefit of knowing how they are likely to behave around children as they grow and get a better idea of how well they should settle into your particular family set-up.

Older cats are often better suited to being rehomed on their own

If you only have room in your life or home for one new feline friend, then an older cat who has a history of going it alone might be an excellent choice. Like most humans, the older a cat gets, the more sure they become about what they like and dislike and you're more likely to find your older cat climbing on to your lap than climbing up your curtains.

Looking to rehome? Take a look at our animal gallery and meet some of our distinguished older cats.


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