Training Your Puppy The Battersea Way

As loveable as they are, puppies can be hard work! So, if you’re looking to make those early days more joyful than stressful oour online course, the Training the Battersea Way: Puppy Programme, is here to help.

An Interactive online Puppy Training Course

We’ve put together this six-week online puppy training course becaus we’re passionate about helping as many animals as we can and ensuring new pet owners have all the support they need.

You and your puppy can learn together from the comfort of your own home. This interactive online puppy training course is led by our experienced trainers who will work with you on everything from a ‘sit’ command, to familiarising your puppy with the vet - always using the positive reinforcement training style we recommend. After six weeks, you and your puppy will proudly graduate from the Puppy Programme with all the tools you need to continually grow and learn together.

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The Battersea Way: Puppy Programme Overview

Each week, a Battersea Canine Behaviour and Training Advisor will work with you and your puppy via an online class. You’ll be shown Battersea recommended techniques and behaviours, which you’ll then get the chance to try yourself while your trainer watches on and advises.

Classes will be held on Zoom, with no more than five puppies per session, so you can rest assured that your trainer can give you plenty of one to one guidance.

Each week, you will receive a homework task to complete together. This is designed to be fun, and to help you build on the skills you’ve learnt in the lesson. After six weeks, you’ll graduate with the tools you need to continue to grow and learn together and you’ll even receive a certificate to show that your puppy has completed the course and is fully trained - the Battersea Way.


The course will cover everything you need to train your puppy, including:

  • Sit
  • Settle
  • Stay
  • Down
  • Spin
  • Lead walking
  • Self control
  • Hand touch
  • Recall skills
  • Handling at the vets
  • Emergency recall

We’ll also give you the tools you need to keep your puppy happy and stimulated through enrichment and play, so you’ll both have plenty of fun along the way.


This course is aimed at UK-based puppy owners who would like to learn the basics of puppy training. So we can make sure the class is tailored to your needs, we ask that your puppy is between eight weeks and five months old. If you have a new puppy, we’d advise making sure they’ve had a few days to settle into their new home before starting the course.

We encourage everyone in your home to be actively involved in training, so all members of the household are welcome to join. To get the best from each class, we need puppies and owners alike to remain as focused as possible. So we’ll leave it up to your discretion when deciding whether to bring young children to the training!


We have the following times and dates available and all courses run for 6 weeks.

Beginning Thursday 8th October, running for 6 weeks

  • Thursday mornings (10am-11am)
  • Thursday afteroon (1pm-2pm)

Beginning Monday 26th October, running for 6 weeks

  • Monday mornings (10am-11am)
  • Monday afternoons (1pm-2pm)

Beginning Tuesday 10th November, running for 6 weeks

  • Tuesday mornings (10am-11am)
  • Tuesday afternoons (1pm-2pm)

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The course costs £80 in total for six hour long sessions. Payment will be taken when you sign up.

By signing up to a Battersea course, you’re not only helping your own puppy, but all the other animals who we care for every day across our three centres.

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My puppy isn’t from Battersea, can I still sign up?

Yes ! We welcome rescue and non-rescue puppies of any breed to the class, as long as they are five months old or younger. Battersea’s mission is to be there for every dog and cat who needs us.

What’s Zoom and will it cost me money to join the call?

Zoom is an app which hosts group video calls, but you don’t need to have a Zoom account to join. We will email you a clickable link before each session, and you will need a laptop or smartphone with a camera and internet connection.

Can I mix and match which classes I attend?

In order for your puppy to get the maximum benefit from the class, we strongly recommend attending every week of the course.

In order to ensure small class sizes, we can’t move people between sessions, so once you’ve signed up to a specific day, you are committed to that day.

What training methods does The Battersea Way use?

Battersea always trains dogs using positive reinforcement. This is where we reinforce good behaviours by rewarding dogs with their favourite toy or treat.These methods are proven to be effective, ensuring lasting results and, most importantly, making sure your puppy grows into a happy, well adjusted dog. We never recommend negative techniques that would threaten or distress your puppy.

Do I need to have anything with me?

We’ll email you before every session to tell you what you’ll need to bring to the class. You’ll always need treats and their favourite toys, and some weeks you’ll need blankets, a lead and household objects. You won’t need to buy any special equipment to take part in this course.

Can I get in touch with my trainer between classes

Yes you can. Our trainers will email you homework tasks at the end of each class, and you are welcome to get in touch with them to ask any questions about what you’ve learnt on the course.

Is each class run by the same trainer?

Yes, you’ll see the same person each week, so they’ll really get to know you and your puppy.

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