Pet Ready Training Programme Registration

Our Pet Ready Training Programme aims to proactively support social housing tenants who may be looking to own a new pet and existing owners that may need some support with their pet's behaviour.

The information collected within this form will allow us to book you into your chosen course and confirm your booking, share with you course specific information, and share with you any relevant information post session.

About your housing

About you

About your dog

Risk to public

Issues with other dogs



Neglect to dog

Dog fighting (organised)

Dog fouling

House training

Damage to property

Nuisance to neighbours


Important information

  • It is hoped that this course brings about a positive experience for you, however any advice given by Battersea is to be taken as guidance only. Advice is to be used entirely at the participant’s discretion.
  • Following completion of the course, you will continue to take sole responsibility for your current/future pet’s welfare and behaviour.
  • Battersea are not liable for any illness or injury caused to your current/future pet, you or those who come into contact with your pet following completion of the course.
  • We may discuss any points of concern with your Housing Provider and internally that come to our attention during the duration that your case is open with us.
  • We may contact you to discuss anything disclosed in the form for further clarification.
  • Attendance of the Be Cat Ready or Be Dog Ready courses does not guarantee pet ownership permission will be granted. Final discretion lies with your housing provider.
  • If you cannot attend the agreed course, you must give at least 48 hours’ notice. If you have to give less notice, Battersea reserves the right to refuse re-admission to the course.