Ancol tea tree oil shampoo

This tangy Ancol Tea Tree Shampoo is produced in the UK with tea-tree essential oil. Tea-tree is a powerful deodorizer and has strong cleansing properties, ensuring your dog will smell fresh and have a thoroughly clean coat. The Ancol dog shampoo range is designed to make your dog smell gorgeous and give them a glossy coat and wagging tail.
200ml bottle.
• Tea tree oil formulated to be effective on all coat types
• Gentle on the skin
• Shampoo and conditioners in one to leave the coat clean and healthy
• Formulated using 1% pure tea tree oil
• Hygienically cleans the coat utilising the biocidal properties of tea tree (melaleuuca alternifolia)
• Suitable for all coat types
• 200ml concentrate makes 3l of shampoo - at least 20 washes per bottle.