Reasons to rescue a Border Collie

24 MAY 2019

Taking their name from their origins in Northumberland on the English border with Scotland, Border Collies are probably best known for their herding and agility skills. As pets, Collies are lively, loyal and attention-loving, but there are some common misconceptions about them. Take a look at our responses to some of the most frequently asked questions about Border Collies and decide if you might have space for one in your life.

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Are Border Collies good family pets?

Border Collies can be a loving and loyal breed with the right family. They are highly intelligent and used to working long hours on farms, so need a family that has the time to play with them and to make the most of their amazing energy and intelligence in constructive ways. Border Collies do best with a calm and consistent routine as they are naturally sensitive to sights and sounds. Noises and movement are the main triggers for their herding instinct which can sometimes lead them to show their natural herding behaviour around particularly rowdy children! Border Collies who have either been trained using these triggers, or come from parents who have been bred as working dogs, are likely to be even more sensitive so are generally not suited to living with younger children.

Are Border Collies aggressive?

As a breed, Collies aren’t aggressive but they are naturally programmed to want to control the movements of big groups or herds. This behaviour can sometimes look like aggression if you’re not used to it. When Border Collies herd livestock they track them by circling, stalking, and sometimes nipping in order to control their movement. Being in a busy environment at home with children or outside with lots of traffic can trigger this behaviour and some people mistake it for aggression and deal with it in the wrong way.

Are Border Collies affectionate?

Bred as working dogs, Border Collies are generally incredibly loyal and responsive to one person as this helps them focus and tune out distractions when they’re out in the field. Collies will be affectionate with all members of the family but they do tend to be drawn to the main person who cares for them. Being so dependent on one person can sometimes mean Collies get anxious when separated from them, so it’s beneficial for a family to take the time to make their Collie feel comfortable around different people. As with any dog, if you’re willing to put in the time to build a healthy bond with your Border Collie, they will love nothing more than being by your side.

Are Border Collies intelligent?

Border Collies are very intelligent dogs in their own way. They are highly driven, with great mental and physical stamina. They are also extremely focused and benefit from keeping their minds busy. They get bored easily and can sometimes become destructive if they’re not kept occupied. Getting a Border Collie is a great opportunity for owners who enjoy dog sports such as agility and heelwork to music, as these activities are great at keeping Collies mentally and physically stimulated.


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