When animals come to rescue centres like Battersea they receive all the different kinds of love and care that they need. For some rescue animals, that includes sharing their spark with some of our fantastic foster carers. Daizy went to stay with Battersea staff member Savannah during the first COVID-19 lockdown in England in 2020. We chatted to Savannah to get the inside scoop on this top dog.


When Daizy first came to stay with me, she was full of nervous energy. She hid it well and insisted on lots of cuddles and kisses, but she had been so stressed before coming into Battersea that she had hurt her paws. I had heard that some dogs love classical music, and so in those first few days I started playing it as I worked and saw an immediate effect - she curled up beside me and immediately fell asleep. Over time, her true personality really began to shine through. Her paws healed, she gained more confidence (which also meant that she developed a hilariously cheeky side, resulting in things like her slowly pushing me off the sofa whenever we watched TV together) and she became one of the most loving dogs I have ever met.

Savannah and Daizy outside sitting at picnic bench


Daizy came to stay with me during the first lockdown because she wasn’t a fan of being in kennels. From the moment she came barrelling into my flat, I knew how special she was. She was a constant source of joy, laughter and mischief and she brightened up those first few frightening months of lockdown more than I ever could have imagined. Seeing her off to her wonderful new home was probably one of the proudest moments of my life, even if it did break my heart a bit to say goodbye. Saying that, I’m so thankful to her new family - so many people chose a puppy when they're getting a new dog, and I'm so grateful to them for giving an older dog like Daizy a second chance. Staffies can be such a misunderstood breed, and I'm so happy that Daizy was able to find a home where they so clearly love her just the way she is.

Daizy licking her nose

A typical cuddly Staffie, Daizy just needed humans around to give her the love and attention she deserved.
Savannah, Battersea Foster Carer


Daizy is one of those fantastic dogs who know exactly how they like things to be. The first night she stayed with me, I set up her bed in the kitchen, wished her a good night and headed to bed myself. Not two minutes later she had opened my bedroom door and was looking at me as if to say "Do you really expect me to sleep in there?". After repeating this about five times, I accepted that if I had any chance of getting to sleep that night I would need to move her bed into my room. As soon as I did, she curled up and went to sleep without another complaint. After that we developed our morning routine very quickly: my alarm would go off, Daizy would do an adorable army crawl up to the top of my bed so that she could lay her head on my pillow beside me, and then would patiently wait and stare at me until I got out of bed to take her for a walk. She would then promptly steal my place and pretend to be asleep when I returned until I lured her out from under the covers with lots of praise and kisses. I adored our morning routine!


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