Top gifts for dog lovers

Find a pawsome gift for the dog lover in your life.

1. Dogopedia

£12.99 from our shop

Think you know everything there is to know about our canine friends? This book is filled with facts about everything dog! From their wolf ancestry, to a breed that blushes when it gets excited and the long disputed question - does your dog really know when you're coming home? This is one to add to any dog lovers coffee table.

2. Lurcher Dog Necklace

£40 from Tatty Devine

Show everyone your love for man's best friend with this lovely Lurcher necklace from our new collaboration with Tatty Devine. There are four dog breeds in the necklace collection to pick from and £3 from every item sold will go straight to our animals - these cute canines are sure to sell out quickly!

3. Kennel Sponsor

Starting at £5 a month from our Kennels.

Give someone the gift of kennel sponsorship and help a Battersea dog at the same time. You'll be providing shelter, warmth and comfort for every new dog that arrives at your sponsored kennel. A welcome pack and updates from dogs helped by your gift can be sent directly to your gift recipient.

4. Rankin Print

£250 from our shop

Give your walls a spruce with these limited edition photographic prints of Battersea dogs shot by world renowned fashion and portrait photographer Rankin.

5. French Bulldog Brooch

£40 from Tatty Devine

Perfect for the Frenchie lovers among us. Add this charming brooch to your winter coat this year.

*Prices correct at time of publishing.

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