End backstreet breeding

Countless dogs are being forced to repeatedly breed, only for their puppies to be sold for profit. You can help end this cruel practice.

Across the UK, unlicensed breeders are making easy money by forcing female dogs to be mothers again, and again, and again.

All too often, mothers are ill-treated then abandoned when they are no longer of use. The puppies, having not been cared for properly, are sold with health or behavioural problems already ingrained.

Government figures indicate 560,000 puppies are born in England each year, but the Battersea Breeding Report 2015 exposed the failures of the current licensing system, showing that only 12% of these puppies are born to licensed breeders.

The mistreatment of these dogs has to stop. When launching our campaign in 2015, we called on the Government to:

  • fully ban on the sale of puppies under eight weeks’ old
  • extend the scope of breeder licensing to any breeder producing two or more litters per year.

Thousands of people have joined our call to end backstreet breeding, and the Government listened. By the end of 2015 they publicly committed to consult on these asks. In February 2017 they committed to ban any sales of puppies under eight weeks, and to reduce the breeders licence threshold.

Battersea is now working with the Government, Local Authorities and other animal welfare organisations to put in place the supporting policies and guidance for the new regulations on dog breeding which will come into force in 2018.


Help us be here for every dog and cat.

£5 a month would help pay for the care needed by some of our dogs and cats.

£8 a month could pay for all the care our hand-reared puppies and kittens need.

£12 a month would give frightened dogs and cats the care and treatment they need to recover.

£20 a month would give sick cats and dogs round-the-clock nursing care.

£10 can buy a scratching post for one of the thousands of cats we care for each year

£25 would pay for a cat or dog to be microchipped

£50 would keep one abandoned animal safe, warm and well

£100 can buy beds, bowls, toys and treats to give comfort to five dogs in our care.