Past Purr Ministers

We all know it's the cats of Westminster that wield the real political paw-er. Battersea has been on the prowl for Westminster’s top cat since 2014 in contests that have seen fur fly.

We look for the cats that get the cream - who always land on their feet and make the most of their nine lives. Our paw-some former winners show the purr-sistance and cat-titude it takes to be the number one moggy in Parliament.

Purr Minister 2018: Alfie

Owner: Ann Clwyd, MP for Cynon Valley


Purr-surverence is Alfie’s motto. A finalist last year!! Alfie’s purrfesto:

  • Purrtection - making it compulsory to report cat deaths on roads.
  • Purrmoting Lucy’s Law - for cats and dogs purrticularly in Wales.
  • Purrmanent amnesty for mice, squirrels and birds on Sundays!
  • Purrensioner’s rights for elderly gingers Toms!!!!!

Purr Minister 2017: Midnight

Owner: Victoria Prentis, Conservative MP for Banbury


  1. Networking parties for cats in Downing Street
  2. Fostering inter-species integration by keeping vocal constituent, Keith the Sheep, company.
  3. Compulsory cat-related Prime Minister's Question every Wednesday.
  4. Set up a new Feline Select Committee and APPG.
  5. Keep security tight in the constituency office, including monitoring ‘Buttons’ the Mouse.

Purr Minister 2016: Pixie and Smudge

Owner: Steve Reed, Labour MP for Croydon North


Super-friendly Pixie shows leadership potential in stealing Smudge’s breakfast every morning, but Smudge shows he has the initiative to succeed by choosing the spot underneath the garden bird feeder as his favourite resting place.

Purr Minister 2015: Billy

Owner: Annette Brooke, Liberal Democrat MP for Mid Dorset and North Poole


Billy is the name
A rescue cat with a mission
To make life purr-fect
Through my paw-licies
Edu-CAT-ion for all
Rewards and good food
Safe and warm homes
Equality and rights
A Manifursto for love and care.

Purr Minister 2014: Kevin

Owner: Bill Esterton, Labour MP for Sefton Central


Kevin brings a weight of experience to the job and will happily represent fat cats everywhere. He takes a laissez fur approach to life in general but fights hard to be top cat in our household against recent feline arrivals. Kevin has 16 years of eating and (mostly) sleeping to call on as valuable experience.