Muddy Dog Trek FAQs

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What is the Muddy Dog Trek?
Where is the Muddy Dog Trek?
Will there be any natural obstacles on the route?
Is there an age limit for the event?
How sustainable are the Muddy Dog Trek events?
Can I take part without a dog?


How can I enter?
Is there a registration fee?
Why do I have to pay a registration fee and raise sponsorship?

On the day

Do I need to train?
What should I wear?
What should I bring?
What happens if I decide I no longer want to continue during the trek?
What happens if it is very hot?
What time does the event start?
How long do I have to complete the course, and what happens if I don’t complete it in time?
How will I know where to walk?
Will there be food and drink?
What happens if myself or my dog get injured?
Can friends and family come to watch?


Can any dog participate?
Is there an age limit for my dog?
Do I need to keep my dog on the lead?
My dog is on a muzzle, but not aggressive – can they take part?
Can I take part with more than one dog?
My dog is reactive to other dogs. Can they take part?
My dog is not vaccinated but has been titre tested – is that OK?


If you need any further advice, please contact our Events Team:

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