The 2.6 Challenge

Get creative at home and take on The 2.6 Challenge for Battersea's dogs and cats.

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When: 26 April 2020

Where: at home or as part of your daily exercise

How: head to JustGiving to take part

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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, many fundraising events around the UK have been postponed or cancelled. And while we are hopeful to see you and cheer you on at a later date, we have felt the impact.

That’s why, alongside hundreds of other UK charities, we’re calling upon our amazing supporters to take on the 2.6 challenge on Sunday 26 April 2020. This date would have been the 40th London Marathon – the world’s biggest one-day annual fundraising event.

So, get your creative ideas at the ready and set yourself a personal ‘2.6 challenge’ in aid of Battersea’s dogs and cats. Whether it’s walking your dog for 2.6 miles or hosting an animal themed pub quiz with a £2.60 entry fee, every penny you can raise or donate will make a massive difference to their lives during this time of uncertainty. There are no rules, apart from the Government guidelines on exercise and social distancing.

To help inspire you, Battersea has come up with a number of animal related ideas for the 2.6 challenge – whether you have a pet or not!

2.6 Challenge Ideas for Dog Owners

  • Walk 2.6 or 26 miles or kms with your dog
  • Get your dog to hold treats on their paws for 26 seconds before eating them
  • Get your dog to do a trick 26 times in 2.6 minutes
  • Get your dog to high five you 26 times in a row
  • Get your dog to catch 26 balls in a row
  • Go on a dog walk and plan your route so you draw the figure 26 on Map My Walk

Walk 2.6 miles

2.6 Challenge Ideas for any Pet Owner

  • Hide 26 treats in your garden or house and get your pet to find them all
  • Post a picture of your pet every day for 26 days in a row
  • Lay out 26 household objects and get your animal to walk through them without knocking them over
  • Have a video call featuring 26 pets
  • Share 26 photos of your pet napping in different positions
  • Try and lay out 26 treats on your sleeping dog or cat without waking them up
  • Do 26 press ups with your pet on your back
  • Hold a plank for 26 seconds with a pet on your back
  • Do 26 lunges or squats near your pet – see how they react to you making funny moves

Cat happy

How to get involved if you don’t have a pet

  • Sketch a picture of a dog or cat in only 26 seconds
  • Try and name 26 breeds of dogs or cat in 2.6 minutes (but always remember that Rescue Is Our Favourite Breed!)
  • Host a video streaming party with an animal themed movie– get people to donate £2.60 to watch with you
  • Host a virtual animal related pub quiz with a suggested £2.60 entry fee
  • Hold a downward dog yoga pose for 26 minutes – or do a 26 minute flow between downward dog and cat pose

  • Share your #TwoPointSixChallenge

    We would love to see photos or videos of you completing your challenge, so make sure you share on social media and tag us. Then ask your friends and family to sponsor you or nominate them to complete their own 2.6 challenge and donate to Battersea.

Join Team Battersea

Create your JustGiving page and join team Battersea in The 2.6 Challenge to help raise vital funds for our dogs and cats.

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