The Ultimate Showdown

Join Team Dog or Team Cat and host a sponsored gaming challenge.

The ultimate showdown

Get gaming for Battersea

If you still want to fundraise for Battersea through video gaming, head over to Your Fundraising, Your Way and register your event.

Once registered, all you need to do is pick which video game(s) you want to play and set yourself a challenge around that game. You can play on your own or as a team, on console or PC. Kick back at home, share your challenge on social media and even level-up your fundraising by streaming online.

Donations received throughout the competition will go towards the medical attention, training and care our dogs and cats need as we get them ready to find the happy homes they deserve.

How can I host a video gaming challenge?

Here are a few examples of challenges you can set yourself:

  • Speed runs – completing a level or a video game as fast as possible.
  • Completion lists – obtain all achievements in your chosen video game.
  • Gaming marathons – non-stop video gaming for six, 12, 18 or 24 hours (include breaks for the bathroom, food, water and to sleep!).
  • Tournaments – set up a system of points and invite your friends, family or colleagues.
  • Unique challenges – a challenge bespoke to the game you're playing. This can be non-death play-throughs of survival games, completing campaigns with basic equipment, or design and build challenges in sandbox role-playing games.

We have put together a handy guide with fundraising tips.