Well done!

Congratulations on smashing your target! Your fundraising is making a massive difference to the dogs and cats in our care, keep up the fantastic work.

Well done

If you held a fabulous fundraising event, or have a great idea to get in the pounds please email us and include pictures so we can share it with other participants who haven't reached their target yet.

Share your fundraising ideas

Keep updating your profile

Remember to keep your supporters posted and share pictures of you and your dog before and after the event to help you raise even more!

We are extremely grateful for what you’ve raised so far, but if you have the fundraising bug and want to keep going why not try some of our ideas:

  • Sweepstake – Set up a sweepstake at work and split the money between Battersea and the winner. When you win, so do our dogs and cats.
  • Put a collection box in the kitchen or by your desk – Add a photo of you and your dog and explain why you’re doing the Muddy Dog Trek. Fill out the online form and we'll send you a tin in the post.

More fundraising ideas