Gaming to the rescue

What if we told you that gaming or streaming could change the lives of dogs and cats…

Gaming to the rescue

Raise money while you game or stream

Battersea is calling on the nation’s gamers and streamers to pledge their allegiance to Team Rescue and join us in Gaming to the Rescue! Raise money as you game or stream content for Battersea and help rescue dogs and cats level up for their next adventure: a loving new home.

The custom NZXT x Battersea PC you could win

Congratulations to all our fundraisers who raised over £50 for Gaming to the Rescue during the month of October and were entered into our prize draw, supported by NZXT and Novatech, to win a custom Battersea PC, personalised with the winners name or gaming handle!

We are pleased to announce the winner of the prize draw is Goose Hjonk!

All donations raised will go towards the essential care of our dogs and cats, ensuring they have warm beds and food, as well as helping to fund essential medicines and surgeries.

Even though the prize draw is now closed, we are continuing to offer all our Gaming to the Rescue fundraisers the opportunity to take home exclusive Battersea merchandise - and the more you raise, the more you win!

How to get involved

1. Choose a challenge

Choose your favourite game, challenge, or something you love and raise money while you game or stream. Need some ideas? Check out our Guide to Gaming to the Rescue for inspiration!

2. Create a fundraising page

Set up your fundraising page and target on Tiltify or JustGiving. Remember the more you raise the more exclusive merchandise you win!

3. Promote your charity stream

Share your charity stream on your social media to let your friends and followers know that you are Gaming to the Rescue. For more tips, read our Guide to Gaming to the Rescue here.

Connect with our community on Discord

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Earn rewards as you fundraise

The more you raise, the more you win! Check out our exclusive Gaming to the Rescue merchandise below. Read our terms and conditions here and email to claim your prize bundle.

Gaming to the rescue branded tote bag

Raise £100 and earn our exclusive pin badge, tote bag, and water bottle.

Gaming to the rescue branded t-shirt in black

Raise £350 and earn our exclusive pin badge, tote bag, water bottle, beanie, and t-shirt.

Gaming to the rescue branded hoodie in black

Raise £500 and earn our exclusive pin badge, tote bag, water bottle, beanie, t-shirt, and hoodie

A ginger car pressing on a gaming keyboard

Tips and tricks

We’ve put together our tips to help you get started, including fundraising tips and safe gaming advice.

Contact us

Chat with the team on Discord or email us at

Top fundraisers

First placeLeon Bratt£1,610
Second placeDan£1,503
Third placeDr Pengo£1,100
5The Realm£707.77
6The Mini Farm£590
10Adam Grom£350.81
13Garrold Winter£217.01
14Dr Pengo£210

How the money you raise helps the animals at Battersea


could pay for vital vaccinations for 14 animals, to help keep them happy & healthy


could pay for an essential welcome kit for a dog or cat


could pay for a ‘Mums & Pups’ bundle


is the weekly cost of caring for, housing, and feeding one cat at Battersea

£85 could pay for a small dog enrichment bundle £1,000

could pay to microchip 500 animals at Battersea


Is Gaming to the rescue right for me?

Do you love dogs and cats? Do you play games or stream content online? Then absolutely! Whether you love to play video games, live stream vlogs or even just having a good old fashioned board game night, everyone is welcome to take part in raising money for the rescue dogs and cats at Battersea.

How do I take part?

Simply create a fundraising page and you’re good to go! Sign up on either Tiltify or JustGiving to do so.

Do I have to do it on a certain day?

No, you can choose whenever suits you to do your fundraising. You can set yourself the goal of completing your challenge in one day, or you can spread your challenge across days, weeks or even months if you wish!

What do I need to do?

All you need to do is pick whether you want to play a video game or stream other content, and then set yourself a challenge around what you are doing. Whether it’s World of Warcraft or Minecraft, Fortnite or Fifa, Overwatch or Overcooked, set yourself a goal that you think is fun but challenging and ask your friends and family to sponsor your ambition.

We’ve put together some fundraising tips to help your plan your fundraiser here.

How do I promote my Gaming to the Rescue fundraiser?

You can share your JustGiving or Tiltify fundraising page details across your social media platforms so your friends, family, colleagues and followers can support your Gaming to the Rescue challenge. You can post updates to your fundraising page and on your social media channels using #GamingToTheRescue and #TeamRescue.

We have also put together some downloadable social media assets and stream overlays to help advertise your stream.

Do I have to stream my Gaming to the Rescue fundraiser?

Not at all – please do not stream your challenge if you do not feel comfortable or happy doing so. You can still join Team Rescue and fundraise for Battersea offline, whether it’s through a boardgame night or a round of Crash Team Racing with friends.

How do I stream?

If you need help getting set up on a streaming platform we’ve put together this handy streaming guide.

If you need help linking your stream to your fundraising page, there is guidance at:



Do I have to play a game that has cats/dogs in?

No - you can choose to play any video game you like! If you do want to include dogs or cats as part of your challenge, there are some great games and characters to set your challenge around.

Here’s some examples the Gaming to the Rescue team came up with:

  • Set out on a 12-hour adventure as a Khajiit or a Werewolf in The Elder Scrolls Online
  • Pick up a dog/cat skin in League of Legends and challenge yourself to win 25 battles with Corgi Corki or Pretty Kitty Rengar before October
  • Tame an ocelot or wolf in Minecraft and set out as a duo on a no-death adventure for as long as you can in Hard or Hardcore mode
  • Create a Super Smash Bros. Ultimate tournament with your friends, where you play as Isabelle or Lucario
  • Recreate Battersea Dogs’ and Cats’ Home in The Sims 4 Pets

We’ve put together some fundraising tips to help your plan your fundraiser here.

Can I take part if I am under 18 years of age?

Absolutely – you will just need permission from a parent, guardian or legally responsible adult.

If you plan on streaming your Gaming to the Rescue challenge, make sure you and your parent, guardian or legally responsible adult have a read through the Twitch Moderation and Safety links here.

What is Gift Aid?

Gift Aid is a simple way to increase the value of your donations to Battersea - at no extra cost to you or your donors. If your friends and family that sponsor you pay tax in the UK, we can reclaim the basic rate tax (25%) on their gift to you. So, if you receive a donation of £10 and this is eligible for Gift Aid, it is worth £12.50 to Battersea.

Do my donations qualify for Gift Aid?

To claim Gift Aid on your fundraising, we must have the first name or initials, last name, full home address and postcode of each individual donor/sponsor. If you use JustGiving to collect your donations then your supporters will automatically be asked if they’d like to sign up for Gift Aid.

Are my personal details safe and secure?

We will treat all personal data provided to us with respect, and only collect and process information that is necessary to facilitate your participation in the event you have registered for. For more information on how we protect and use your personal data please see our privacy policy. For Gaming to the Rescue we work with Just Giving and Tiltify to enable you to create your own fundraising pages. These are third party organisations to Battersea and have their own privacy policies, available here:
View the JustGiving Privacy Policy
View the Tiltify Privacy Policy.

How do I contact the Gaming to the Rescue team?

You can get in touch with the Ultimate Showdown team by emailing, joining our Discord server or by calling our supporter services team on 0207 627 7883.