Rehoming alerts

Every time one of our animals gets a new home, we’ll send you a text message with the good news. With each text sent you’ll donate just 25p, and you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling knowing you’ve made a massive difference to the animals in our care.


It’s as simple as this:

  1. Register your name and phone number
  2. Select whether you want to receive texts about dogs or cats
  3. Choose which of our centres you want to receive texts from – London, Old Windsor or Brands Hatch
  4. Select your cap e.g. £2.50 a week (each text you receive will cost you 25p)

You can log on to update your preferences to pause the service, for example if you’re going on holiday, and you can change the amount you give whenever you want. It’s also quick and easy to stop the alerts, simply by texting STOP.

Below you can see an example of what the Rehoming Alerts will look like.

Rehoming alerts example


What is the Battersea Rehoming Alerts service?

Battersea Rehoming Alerts is a new way for our supporters to donate. This service notifies via SMS when a dog or cat has been rehomed by Battersea. Every time you receive an alert you will be donating 25p to the charity. You choose whether you want to know when we rehome a dog/cat/both from which Battersea centre (London, Brands Hatch, Old Windsor).

Please also note that this service only runs Monday to Friday and we do not send out messages on weekends.

How much of the 25p I donate goes to Battersea?

21p goes directly to Battersea, your regular donation means so much to the dogs and cats in our care. 4p is spent on the SMS donation platform we use to communicate with you about when we have rehomed dogs and cats (whichever is applicable to your preferences). This includes the service itself and maintenance that is required to ensure that we are sending you accurate information.

How do I sign up?

As part of the process, you will choose your alert preferences which relate to whether you would like to hear about the dogs or cats that we rehome and you will be charged 25p for each alert you receive from one of our centres. Once you have chosen your preferences and given your mobile phone number and details, you will receive an SMS, to which you need to reply. This confirms the telephone number is correct and the phone is in your possession.

Do I need a special phone to receive alerts?

No, this service will work on any phone that is used for SMS messaging. You will need to ensure that any premium rate text barring service is lifted by speaking to your mobile phone provider to ensure that the text alerts are being delivered to your phone.

I have signed up but I am not getting the alerts why is this?

Please check with your mobile network operator that you do not have a premium rate bar set on your account. This is most likely the cause of message failures. Please also note that this service only runs Monday to Friday and we do not send out messages on weekends.

I was getting alerts but having changed my network provider I am not receiving these, I have kept the same number, what can I do?

If you change mobile network, you will need to opt back in to the shortcode. Please text YES to 70084 to do this. You will also need to make sure that your new network provider has removed the premium rate bar from your account.

How do I stop receiving alerts?

Reply to any rehoming message with a message saying 'stop'. This text message may cost you the price of a standard SMS (please check what your rates are with your mobile phone provider).

How much do the alerts cost to receive?

You will be charged 25p for each SMS received.

How do I log in to manage my alerts?

Log in with your mobile phone number and PIN. If you have forgotten your PIN you can ask for a new one to be sent.

Do I receive an alert as soon as an animal is rehomed?

Whilst our systems update automatically, there may be a delay in when the SMS is sent out to you. If we are rehoming several animals in a short period of time, we will randomise when you receive the texts so that you do not receive multiple texts in succession.

What are the terms and conditions of the service?

View the terms and conditions of this service. Note that this service is only available to UK mobile phones.

Why must I verify my phone number?

To make sure that only you set up alerts for your own mobile phone, we ask you to verify your mobile telephone number.

How do I check which alerts I will receive?

Log in with your mobile phone number and PIN. Your chosen alerts will show on the 'My settings' page.

Can I choose which days of the week I receive alerts?

No. You can only choose the time of day. Due to large volumes of animals being rehomed at weekends, alerts will only be sent Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm.

What happens when I reach my maximum weekly cost limit?

Once you reach your maximum spend you will receive no more alerts until the following week.

Can I sign up on my friend's behalf?

No. You need to be the owner of the mobile phone or have the permission of the mobile phone owner. As part of the sign-up process you will receive an SMS, to which you will need to respond.

Does a week run from the day I sign up?

No, a week runs from Monday to Sunday.

What should I do if I change my mobile phone number?

You will then have to unsubscribe the service on your old mobile number and sign up again on your new phone number. It is necessary for you to confirm the subscription on the new phone number.


Rehoming Alerts are triggered when an animal gets a new home, including animals that aren’t listed on the website. Due to large volumes of animals being rehomed at weekends, Alerts will only be sent Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm. Therefore, Rehoming Alerts are indicative of rehoming activity, not total numbers rehomed.

Rehoming Alerts are valid on UK billing networks only.


If you need any further advice or help, please contact the Supporter Services team.

Phone: 0300 3231 216 (Freephone, Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm)