Teach your dog how to stand – Transcript


Hi it's Beth from Battersea 

Today I'm going to show you how to train your dog to do a stand 

A stand is a really useful technique for your dog if he's visiting the vets or the groomers 

It's also really useful if you need to teach your dog how to keep all four paws on the floor 

For the first step ask your dog to sit or lie down whichever is more comfortable for them  

For the second step take a smelly treat in your hand and let the dog smell it and slowly move it away from his nose so he stands  


Repeat this step five times 

We ask our dogs to repeat this five times so that we know they are confident and comfortable before we move on to the next step 

For the next step take your treat in your hand and lure your dog to stand as you do so add a voice cue so say 

"Oakley stand" 

Make sure you reward your dog with the opposite hand this time and repeat this step five times 

For the next step we're going to introduce a hand signal so this time I have no food in this hand I'm introducing my hand signal 

[Oakley stand] 


and I'm rewarding from the other hand 

Now we're going to reduce our hand signal so as you make a smaller hand signal ask your dog to stand and then reward him when he stands  




Once you practice this it's time to see if your dog can respond to your voice alone 

Ask him to stand and then wait three seconds 

If he doesn't stand give him the hand signal and then when he stands give him his reward 

[Oakley stand]  

[Oakley stand]  

[Good boy]  

Now that your dog can stand on cue it's time to start phasing out the treats  

To do this you can just treat the faster and then still acknowledge the slower stands with some praise  

Now your dog should be able to stand on cue 

As with all training make sure that you keep rewarding your dog occasionally so that he stays motivated  

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