The ultimate showdown terms and conditions


  1. All participants, including those registered on your behalf, must abide by the terms and conditions laid out below.
  2. Video game marathon and challenge fundraising can impact your mental, physical and emotional health. Please ensure you take adequate steps to keep yourself safe including drinking plenty of water, taking regular breaks and not overexerting yourself. Should you begin to feel unwell, develop a new medical condition or experience difficult due to an existing medical condition, during your challenge time period, please notify the Ultimate Showdown team and seek medical advice before continuing.
  3. All participants sign up and complete Ultimate Showdown entirely at their own risk. Battersea shall not be liable for any injury, death, damage or loss howsoever suffered by participants as a result of their participation other than in respect of any injury, death, damage or loss arising as a result of Battersea’s negligence.
  4. Battersea reserves the right to remove any person from this challenge, including their sponsorship page and registration details, should they break with these terms and conditions or be considered a threat to other participants, volunteers, Battersea staff or Battersea as a charity.


  1. We ask that every participant/team raises a minimum of £100 in sponsorship for Battersea. Any money raised in connection with the Ultimate Showdown is held on trust for Battersea and will be passed to Battersea via Just Giving.
  2. If you receive additional sponsorship for Ultimate Showdown that is not registered on your Just Giving sponsorship page, we ask that all sponsorship money be passed to Battersea within one month following the fundraising completion date of 30th September 2019. All sponsorship money raised will go towards the running of Battersea’s three centres, supporting the work and care being given to our animals. You can:
    • Pay via your Ultimate Showdown Just Giving page.
    • Pay over the phone by credit or debit card by calling 020 7627 7883.
    • Send a cheque payable to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to Ultimate Showdown, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, 4 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4AA.
  3. All participants have a legal responsibility to ensure that all sponsorship money/donations received for Ultimate Showdown are paid to Battersea Dogs & Cats Home. Please ensure that all sponsorship forms are completed in full and returned to us to enable us to claim Gift Aid where possible.
  4. Your name, your video gaming challenge/marathon name, and the money you have raised through sponsorship for this event, may be used in a leader board hosted on the Battersea Ultimate Showdown webpage and/or in conjunction with Battersea’s live stream through Battersea’s Twitch page.

Rules for the Ultimate Showdown

  1. Participants must be aged 18 or above to participate. Participants wishing to take part that are below the age of 18 must seek permission from a parent, guardian or legal responsible adult whom must contact our Supporter Services team on 0300 323 1216 (Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm).
  2. Your gaming marathon/challenge is stipulated to occur at any point between 00:00 on the 5th August 2019 through to 23:59 30th September 2019.
  3. The top fundraiser(s) from both Team Dog and Team Cat, respectively, will be invited to the Ultimate Showdown: Battersea’s live stream to join the live stream teams, hosted live at Battersea Dogs and Cats Home London, via Please see Rules for the Ultimate Showdown: Battersea’s live stream.
  4. If you choose to do so, you may complete your Ultimate Showdown marathon/challenge at any point before or after the dates and times listed in point 2 above, providing all other terms and conditions are adhered to. Please note, participants taking part in Ultimate Showdown outside of these dates and times will not be considered for invitation to Battersea’s live stream.
  5. Your Ultimate Showdown marathon/challenge may be held online via Twitch, YouTube Gaming or any other streaming service platform, or offline. All online streaming content produced as part of your participation in the Ultimate Showdown is strictly in aid of Battersea and therefore not endorsed by Battersea.
  6. Please ensure that you do not share offensive, harmful or illegal content. Battersea shall not be liable for any content you produce as part of your participation in the Ultimate Showdown if you choose to stream or upload your Ultimate Showdown marathon/challenge online.

Rules for the Ultimate Showdown: Battersea’s live stream

  1. The Ultimate Showdown: Battersea’s live stream will consist of 4 hours of live stream video gaming content via, alongside a host and several video gaming influencers.
  2. Participants must be aged 18 or above to attend the Ultimate Showdown; Battersea’s live stream. Participants wishing to take part that are below the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent, guardian or legally responsible adult.
  3. Whilst this challenge is in support of our dogs and cats, please do not bring your own pets to the live stream. Battersea will have their own behaviourally and medically assessed animals on site.
  4. By attending the Ultimate Showdown: Battersea’s live stream you agree to conduct yourself in accordance to the rules set out by the Battersea staff during the live stream; no offensive, harmful or illegal behaviour will be tolerated as part of this experience.
  5. Battersea are unable to expense any travel or costs associated with your attendance at the Ultimate Showdown: Battersea’s live stream.