Wear Blue for Rescue is all about declaring our love for the wonderful, quirky rescue dogs and cats who just need a second chance in life. Let's show the world that much-loved rescue animals are in homes across the country, and in all walks of life, and more importantly that they belong there too.

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The Rescue Symbol

We're launching the Rescue symbol as a way for animals and animal lovers the world over to show their love for rescues. Whether you own a rescue pet or not, by proudly displaying the Rescue symbol, you’re not just showing your love of rescue, you’re helping us give second chances to dogs and cats everywhere.

Join the rescue movement: buy, wear, share or donate, and Wear Blue for Rescue.

The Rescue symbol


Buy a Wear Blue for Rescue item from our shop, and proudly display the rescue symbol wherever you go. When you buy a t-shirt, tote bag, mug, or more, not only will you be showing the world your love for rescue, you’ll also be helping Battersea support rescue animals everywhere.



Whether you're an animal or an animal lover, when you wear the Rescue symbol with pride you'll be showing the world your love for the amazing, quirky rescue animals all around us, just like Nala.

Nala's story

To launch our Wear Blue for Rescue campaign encouraging people everywhere to support rescue, we’re sharing the stories of some of the dogs and cats we’ve cared for who have come a long way and who have gone to their lovely new homes. This is Nala's story



Spread the word and share your love of rescue animals on your own social channels. Take pictures with your pets, pose with the rescue symbol, and like and share our posts to show the world that rescues are everywhere, and they belong there too. Don't forget to tag @Battersea and use #RescueIsMyFavouriteBreed


When you donate to Battersea’s Wear Blue for Rescue campaign, you’re not just declaring your love for rescue, you’re helping us give second chances to animals everywhere. Your support will help them continue to receive the very best care, and all the love and attention they deserve.

How you're helping us give second chances

At Battersea, not only do we look after the dogs and cats that arrive at our centres, we’re also here for all of the animals who we may never meet through our work with other rescue centres in the UK and abroad. Take a look at the stories of just some of the underdogs we've helped become top cats who are now living their best lives in all walks of life, right where they belong.

Momentum builds for
the rescue movement

Wear Blue for Rescue is an opportunity for rescue owners and supporters to unite and champion the animals they love. We are proud that other brands and partners have joined the movement of rescue lovers to show their support for rescue animals everywhere. Take a look at how they are showing their support for Wear Blue for Rescue.

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