Whiskars' story

Whiskars came to Battersea through no fault of her own - her previous owner could no longer keep her as they were moving to a new home that did not allow pets. Sudden life changes like this happen and sometimes this leads to making tough decisions like giving up a dog or cat. We know that these pets are no less loved because of it.

Whiskars was a little shy when she first arrived. She lost her back leg in 2011 from a road traffic accident, and was so stressed out she developed a skin condition from overgrooming.

Due to her worried nature, Battersea’s cattery staff decided that it would be best for Whiskars to spend some time with a foster carer who could offer her a calm environment and keep a close eye on her skin.

With the support of Battersea’s clinic and cattery teams, Whiskars’ foster carers were able to carefully manage Whiskars’ condition through medication and finding ways to help her relax.

Thanks to their patience and care, Whiskars eventually came into her own and began to show her affectionate side. She loved head bumping her foster carers, spending the evening on the sofa with them, and sunbathing on the windowsill.

After looking after Whiskars for over eight months, her foster carers realised they couldn’t let her go and decided to rehome her.

Having spent a total of 270 days in Battersea’s care and on foster, Whiskars is one of Battersea’s longest stays, and a great example of how all of Battersea’s teams work tirelessly together to help our cats find their new homes, no matter how long it takes.