Knit one purl one for Battersea's homeless cats

Cat Knit is the perfect way to show your support for Battersea by purr-ling for cats that need something to keep them occupied while they wait for a new home.

17 May 2011
Battersea Cats and Dogs

Knitted Mice

NEWS FLASH: Thanks to everyone who has been busy knitting mice for our cats. We’ve been overwhelmed with the response and have been inundated with your handmade mice. However, we would still love to receive your woolly wonders and are in need of more knitted jackets for our dogs now the cold weather has set in and blankets for our cats. To download a pattern please click here

Battersea’s cattery is preparing to be inundated with cats and kittens this summer, the charity is calling upon knitters and crafters across the UK to make knitted catnip mice to help keep Battersea’s whiskered residents entertained while they wait for new homes.

Download the knitting patterns:

Captain Cat Battler (221 kb) [pdf]
Knitted Cat Toy (428 kb) [pdf]
Knitted Mice.pdf (4784 kb) [pdf]

June to September is a traditionally busy time for the charity, and on a typical summer’s day Battersea’s catteries can care for over 200 felines. A combination of kitten season, more cats coming in due to the time of year and less people looking to take on a new pet because of holidays means that Battersea’s cattery is often working to full capacity.

Battersea Rehomer Ros Davies says: “We’re approaching our busiest time of year and caring for so many cats is always a challenge. Cats that would normally go in days can take months to find a home, but whilst they wait for a new owner, we want to make their stay with us a little more fun and interesting. We know they love playing with their homemade knitted mice.”

Lauren O’Farrell founder of Stitch London, comments: “Cat Knit is the perfect way to show your support for Battersea by purr-ling for pets that need something to keep them occupied while they wait for new homes. Most knitters have got a bit of spare yarn around that would be perfect for a bit of mouse making for moggies. I'm sure Stitch Londoners would love to show off their stitching skills to make a Battersea cat's day. There are tons of easy patterns out there too so even beginners can stitch up something."

Better known as a dog refuge, the world famous animal charity has been taking in cats since 1883 and cares for around 3000 each year. Ros continues: “This time of year is really tough and we urge anyone thinking of taking on a new cat to get in touch. Not just that, but we encourage all cat owners out there to be responsible and get their cats neutered or spayed. Even if you’re planning on going away, you can register with us first, and then when you get back you’ll be ready to give a cat a home – what better way to beat those post-holiday blues! Plus, the summer is one of the best times to visit us as we’ve normally got a lot more choice.”

As well as knitted mice, Battersea’s cats also enjoy playing with woolly sticks.

Abbreviations used in ‘Knitted Mice’ pattern: 

Kfb = knit front and back (an increase worked by knitting into the front then the back of the same stitch before slipping it off the needle)
Skpo = slip one (as if to purl), knit one, pass slipped stitch over the knitted stitch (a decrease)

Please send completed mice and toys to us at:

The Cattery, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home
4 Battersea Park Road, London, SW8 4AA

Your support is much appreciated, both by the staff and by the lovely cats.

Many thanks to Lauren O’Farrell of Stitch London for designing the mouse, 'Captain Cat-Battler' especially for Battersea. You can check out Stitch London at and Lauren's Whodunnknit design site at

We would also like to thank Laura Long for the knitted mouse pattern. The pattern is from her book "Knitted Toy Tales" (David & Charles PLC)



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