Pedigree and Whiskas

Our partners Pedigree and Whiskas supply us with all our dog and cat food helping to feed all Battersea's animals. They also provide us with free food packs to give to new owners when they adopt an animal and to all lost and found claims. Lastly, new staff training courses in pet nutrition are also being provided by the internationally-renowned Waltham Centre which is all part of the Pedigree and Whiskas offering.

In today’s economic climate, saving costs is as important as raising income. The partnership with Pedigree and Whiskas means donors’ money will stretch further to care for the thousands of dogs and cats that come through our gates every year.

Andrew Winfrow, Charities Manager at Pedigree said: “As the leading dog food brand in the UK, Pedigree is committed to promoting responsible pet ownership and supporting animal welfare organisations. That’s why we are delighted to be collaborating with Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to support the fantastic work they do to help stray and abandoned pets.”

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