We're here for every dog and cat

At Battersea we offer our love and expert care to dogs and cats who need us by rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming animals at our centres, and by sharing our knowledge and resources with rescue organisations around the world. We do this because we want to help every dog and cat, everywhere. 

What we do

Find out about how we're doing more than ever before to help animals everywhere.

Working with other rescues

Helping animals beyond our gates is an important part of our mission to be here for every dog and cat.

Animal welfare campaigning

Help us stand up for dogs and cats by supporting our campaigning work.

Caring for our animals

Caring for animals it at the very heart of Battersea. Learn more about how we do our best for dogs and cats.

Pet advice

Advice from our expert team on everything you need to know to care for your dog or cat.


Guilt free shopping

From totes to tags, shop with Battersea and make a life-changing difference to the dogs and cats in our care