Players of People's Postcode Lottery

Players of People’s Postcode Lottery have been generously supporting Battersea since May 2014. 

Over the past nine years, more than £6 million of funding has helped us in various areas of our vital work. From supporting our dedicated staff and volunteers who provide expert care for animals across our three centres, to activities that help us share our knowledge and resources with pet owners and other rescue centres around the world – this funding has helped us make a real and lasting difference to dogs and cats, everywhere.

We take in any animal regardless of age, breed or medical condition, and funding from the players of People’s Postcode Lottery ensures our Clinic team can continue to provide expert and personalised care for animals like Pearl. More recently, funding received from players of People’s Postcode Lottery has supported our Volunteering, Fostering and Communities programmes, helping to make a positive impact on dogs like Ray. This continued support ensures Battersea can be here for every dog and dog, wherever they are, for as long as they need us. 


Four-month-old kitten Pearl was brought to Battersea after she was found in a park. As her back leg was bent at an unusual angle and causing her discomfort, Battersea’s Clinic team decided it would be best to remove it in order for Pearl to live a pain-free life. Despite her challenges, she was incredibly affectionate and loved company. It didn’t take long to find her a new owner, and she made herself at home right away by confidently exploring her new surroundings on three legs. 


Ray was brought to Battersea from a Greyhound rescue after being retired from racing. When he arrived, he was quite nervous and found the kennels to be a little overwhelming, so he went to stay in one of Battersea’s Communities to improve his confidence. While out on foster, Ray’s gentle and warm personality shone through, and he quickly got used to life in a new home. After four months spent in Guildford, Ray was rehomed to a loving new family.