Legacies & In Memory

Donate in memory Donate in memory

​Find out about donating in memory of a friend, loved one or dear pet

Memorial gifts
Leaving a legacy Leaving a legacy

Promise to be there for unwanted dogs and cats in the future

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Pet Tribute Fund Pet Tribute Fund

A special place for you to celebrate the life of your pet while raising much-needed funds for the animals in our care

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How to leave a gift How to leave a gift

​The different ways you can leave a gift in your Will

Ways to give
Pet memorials Pet memorials

Create pet memorials to celebrate the lives of fondly remembered friends

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Battersea's Pet Memory Walk Battersea's Pet Memory Walk

Together we'll celebrate the lives of our very special friends.

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Forever Loved Service Forever Loved Service

Have you thought about what would happen should you pass away before them?

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Forever Loved Service FAQs Forever Loved Service FAQs

An FAQ to answer any questions you might have about the Forever Loved Service.

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