Ten abandoned puppies reunited at Battersea Open Day

A litter of 10 puppies who were brought into Battersea at only three weeks old were reunited with each other six months on, at the charity’s annual Open Day on Saturday.

05 July 2012
Battersea Dogs & Cats Home

The tiny youngsters were brought into Battersea’s London centre in January by a member of the public who had found them abandoned in a box. Battersea staff were baffled as to what breed they were and DNA tests revealed that they were a mix of Rottweiler, American Bulldog and Boxer. Two of the puppies remained at the London centre and the other eight brothers and sisters went to the charity’s centre in Old Windsor, Berkshire. They were all looked after by foster carers, who were either Battersea volunteers or members of staff.

At such a tender age, the puppies should have still been with their mother so they needed round-the-clock care to nurse and bottle feed them every four hours. Nine of the puppies have since gone on to find new homes but sadly one of their littermates, Hogarth, is still waiting for an owner.

The owners were all specially invited along to Battersea’s Open Day at the Old Windsor site on Saturday so the littermates could be reunited. The Open Day is a highlight in the Home’s calendar as thousands of visitors come to the centre to enjoy the dog shows, browse the stalls and this year they were joined by celebrity guest broadcaster Paul Ross.

The Anderson family from Epsom, Surrey, rehomed one of the male puppies who they called Windsor. Wendy and Daniel Anderson entered the spirit of the occasion by taking part in lots of the contests including Best Battersea Dog, fancy dress and the Dog Who Looks Most Like Their Owner.

Wendy said: “We really wanted to see the other dogs today so we were hoping that some of Windsor’s brothers and sisters would be here. They all seem at ease with each other and very happy, which is lovely to see.”

Kevin McLoughlin took home female puppy Mocha to Egham in Surrey earlier this year. Praising the work of Battersea, he said: “Battersea has done such a fantastic job in bringing these puppies up and completely turning their lives around. They have made lots of families very happy.”

The remaining puppy, Hogarth, is currently living with a foster carer while he waits to find his forever home. He is an adorable boy who would be best suited to experienced dog owners who can continue his training.

Sharon Evans from Battersea’s centre in Old Windsor fostered two of the puppies and invited the owners back for the Open Day. She said: “Fostering the puppies was such a joy and, although it was exhausting making sure they had their regular feeds, they were very good eaters. They were also surprisingly healthy given their unfortunate start in life. Myself and the other foster carers lived and breathed these puppies while they were in our care so we were really keen to see how they developed and were thrilled so many came back for the Open Day. It would be wonderful to see Hogarth be as lucky as his littermates and find his perfect new owners soon.”

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