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    • Buddy
    • A great friend always up for a cuddle
    • Bluebelle
    • cos she is sweet like a flower and playful
    • Crosby
    • After Dave Crosby, (Crosby, Stills ,& Nash!)
    • Casper
    • Because its nice like the ghost
    • Dotty
    • Spotty and mad
    • Darcy
    • He thinks he's aristocratic like Mr Darcy
    • Daisy
    • my one true loyal friend
    • Daisy
    • my one true loyal friend
    • Becki
    • She was a gentle, beautiful girl and miss her everyday. Always in our hearts and never forgotten or replaced. Sleep well angel until we meet again X
    • Bailey
    • Sweet as the dink ;)
    • Blue
    • cause he is georgous and he is a blue coloured dog (blue is grey()
    • Bruce
    • After Bruce Forsyeth and it sealed the deal when watching Bruce almighty xx
    • Cherish
    • pomeranian whos Kennle Club name is cherish freindship,She is so cute and calm which helps as she apperas on tv often!!!!!!!!
    • Barney
    • We call him Barmy Barney because he's crazy!
    • Buddy Budstey
    • Because he is our best mate, everyones friend, friendliest staffy I have ever met
    • Cocoa
    • because he is brown
    • Archie
    • Because he is a bridge.
    • Daxter
    • Because he's a furry angel and he had has special stars in his eyes. He's fun, playful and oh so very handsome! The best dog in whole wide universe!!!
    • Dottie
    • She is a small and lovely jack russel who has small black dots on her legs and belly
    • Basil
    • Because he is a fluffy Newfoundland and his tail looks le a fox brush tail

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