Staffies. They're softer than you think.

Staffie lovers know that this brilliant breed does not deserve its misunderstood reputation for being aggressive.
We know that, when they are in the hands of responsible owners, the only type of monster they can be are cuddle monsters.
As we continue to encourage more people to rescue homeless Staffies, you can help us to stand up for Staffies too.

My Staffie and Me
We have loved the Staffies stories you have shared with us either online, in person or by emailing your stories to us.
We’ll never tire of celebrating your happy Staffies either, so join us on Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest using the hashtag #SofterThanYouThink and help us to champion the breed.
Staffies near you
We have joined forces with rescue centres throughout the UK who also believe the Staffies coming into their care are softer than people think.
From Edinburgh to Cardiff, rescue centres just like us are campaigning to give Staffies a chance.
Find out if there’s a centre near you helping to rehome soft Staffies.
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Dogs for rehoming
There’s lots of super Staffies patiently waiting in our kennels to find new homes.
All they need is to be given that all-important second chance to shine.
Meet them now.