How to stop your dog barking – Transcript

Hi my name is Ali I'm a canine behaviorist and training advisor here at Battersea today we're going to show you how to train your dog to stop jumping up  

The most common reason a dog will jump up is to gain our attention and often we unintentionally encourage this so timing, consistency and perseverance are key for this training  

Usually this behavior starts during puppyhood as it's tempting to encourage when your dog is small however once fully grown this can become a real problem any form of attention can be rewarding for your dog  

This can include touching them speaking to them and even eye contact  

Remember although your dog may just be being friendly not everyone will appreciate this and some people may find it intimidating 

To start off with when your dog is jumping up at you just turn around and completely ignore them and wait until all four paws are back on the floor  

As soon as all four paws are back on the floor immediately reward them with attention  

If your dog gets overexcited when you give them this positive attention consider using a food reward 

Instead place a treat onto the floor to encourage their focus downwards  

You will need to repeat these actions every time your dog jumps up this may feel a little repetitive but consistency is key  

The more consistent you are the quicker your dog will learn  

You will need to get everyone that your dog needs involved with this training well so you may be consistent  

You need to ensure that every person who interacts with your dog follows the same rule otherwise all of your hard work will go to waste  

This includes everyone in your household and even people your dog meets when out and about  

If your dog is getting frustrated and keeps jumping up even after being ignored then you may need to change your approach  

Continue to ignore the jumping up and ask for a more constructive behavior that your dog knows well such as a sit  

Check out a video on how to teach a sit if your dog doesn't already know  

Ask your dog to sit before somebody says hello to them, not giving attention until they do  

Then once they've sat you can give them the reward  

Once your dog has given the sit now let them say hello  

As before repeat this process every time your dog jumps up  

Keep practicing each time you interact with your dog they will soon learn that sitting gets attention and jumping up doesn't 

There are a couple of other tips that you can apply to help set your dog out for success  

Utilizing baby gates and keeping your dog on a short lead when introducing them to people can help 

When you first start this training you may find your dog jumps up more  

This is because jumping up has been rewarded previously now they're going to work harder to get your attention  

Don't worry though just stick to it  

Those are our tips on how to teach your dog not to jump up if you'd like to learn more about how to teach your dog The Battersea Way visit our website or follow our channels