Evans Halshaw and Stratstone

Evans Halshaw, Stratstone and Battersea join forces to empower dog-owning customers to find the right car for them.


Evans Halshaw and Stratstone live cars and love dogs, which is why they are on a quest to become the UK’s most dog-friendly car retail brand. Here at Battersea, we are turning that into a reality by sharing our expertise and helping them make Evans Halshaw and Stratstone stores as welcoming to dogs as they are humans.

Alongside advising on creating dog-friendly stores, we are also hosting training sessions for Personal Advisors to ensure they feel comfortable and confident managing visits from dogs. Topics covered include dog body language, the correct and incorrect way to greet a dog, plus tips on how to alleviate potential stressful situations. Personal Advisors will also be informed about the legal requirements surrounding car travel with dogs, and the equipment available to meet these requirements.

We are also working together to create useful content on how to travel with your dog, and helping their customers improve their understanding of the requirements for travelling with their pets. 

Rob Bays, Canine Behaviour and Training Manager at Battersea, said: “We’re excited to be partnering with Evans Halshaw and Stratstone to further help dog owners travel safely and wisely with their pets. When in the car with your dog, it’s important that they are comfortable in their environment to reduce stress and anxiety, so familiarising your pet with your vehicle before embarking on a long journey will help them get used to travelling. It’s also important to ensure they are suitably restrained so they cannot distract you while you’re driving or injure you, or themselves, if you need to stop suddenly. A seat belt harness, pet carrier, pet crate or guard are all suitable ways to travel safely with your pet.”

Helen Hill, CRM and Brand Director at Lithia, said: “We know there has been a huge surge in pet ownership over the past 12-18 months, with almost 30% of UK adults now owning a dog, and as a result, a likely need for individuals and families to purchase a new car to accommodate their new, extended pet family. The alliance between Evans Halshaw & Stratstone and Battersea aims to help as many of the nation’s dog owners as possible find the right car for them. Personal Advisors will be equipped to support dog-owning customers with the car-buying process. Whether they’re looking for a car to accommodate a large German Shepherd, or something smaller to seat a Cockapoo and a small carrier. The team are always on hand to support and help customers find their perfect car.”

Visit the Evans Halshaw website to find out more about the partnership and access the content hub.