In loving memory of Archie

In loving memory of Archie

1997 - 2015

Archie came to us on 12 August 2001 from Battersea at Old Windsor.

At that time, he wouldn’t leave the house (we think he had been confined to a flat previously) and he spent a lot of time hiding from us.

Gradually he gained confidence and eventually had most of our little road under his paw. When we were out, he moved down the road to a neighbour’s house where he was treated like royalty!

He certainly made his opinion known if food wasn’t made available instantly – he wasn’t in the right queue when patience was handed out.

Sadly, he lost a lot of weight and was generally unwell so we had him checked by the vet who found a growth in his stomach – the writing was on the wall and we couldn’t let him suffer. We had to let him go on 12 October – we think he was about 18 so he had a good innings after a dodgy start in life.

He certainly enjoyed his life with us and is very much missed and remembered with love by all the family.