In loving memory of Winston

In loving memory of Winston

2008 - 2019

From day 1 of his rescue from Battersea and his move to Jersey, Winston Woofbark was so loved and brought an infinite amount of joy to us all.

Too many comedy moments to note, but they involved dashing into restaurant kitchens to eat trifle and selecting random homes to pay a visit to sleep on their sofas. Winston was the love of my life. My heart dog and I was fortunate enough to take him on the very first date my husband and I had which resulted in him being the best dog at our wedding last year.

Winston loved life. Cheese. The sunshine. Cuddles. Cuddles and yet more cuddles. He hated cats and shouting. He loved running to chase a ball and then refusing to give it back.

He loved us and there will never be another dog like him. How blessed were we to have enjoyed such treasured times with him. Always in our hearts.

Loved by RAE, KARL & LIAM