Give to Battersea in Celebration

Do you have a special occasion coming up? Wedding, Birthday or Anniversary? Asking family and friends to donate instead of buying you a gift will help us care for the dogs and cats that come through our gates every year.


Don’t fancy getting another toaster or kettle? Simply set up a fundraising page and send details to your friends and family before the big day. Celebrate the happiest day of your life, by giving our dogs and cats the chance of a happy future.


Celebrate getting one year older by asking friends and family to donate to your online fundraising page instead of buying you a present

Celebrate your dog or cat’s birthday

Why should humans get all the attention? The birthday of your dog or cat is something to shout about and you can help a Battersea animal with the proceeds. You can invite all your feline or doggy friends around for a very special party to mark the occasion and ask for a donation to be made to Battersea


Celebrating your anniversary is a fantastic way to support our dogs and cats. Make your day even more memorable by asking your friends and family to donate and support our vital work

Rehoming Celebration

If you have rehomed a Battersea dog or cat, why not celebrate the date you took them to their forever home? You can mark the very special day your dog or cat came home by holding a party in their honour and ask your guests to make a donation to Battersea to mark the occasion

Other celebrations

You don’t need to be celebrating a wedding, birthday or anniversary to give in celebration. Whether you’re holding a retirement party, christening or housewarming, your gift will change our dogs and cats lives forever. You can either set up a fundraising page or pay in any funds you’ve raised on our payment page.

If you need any support with your celebratory fundraising, please do get in touch and email us at

Give in Celebration

Set up your celebration fundraising page and change the lives of our animals forever

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