Celebrating 140 years of Battersea being here for cats

11 Oct 2023

Calling all cat lovers! 2023 marks the 140th anniversary of cats graciously letting Battersea be part of their lives. So crack out the cake and the catnip, because it’s time to celebrate 140 years of cattitude at Battersea.

Since 1883, we’ve been here for the cats who need us: finding them homes with families who love and appreciate their cattitude in the same way we do, offering training and welfare advice to improve the lives of cats we’ll never meet, and campaigning for changes in the law when we see that cats or their owners deserve better. From tiny kittens to senior strays, our commitment and dedication to improving their lives will remain forever at the heart of Battersea.

To celebrate this historic occasion, we’ll mark it the only way we know how – by giving our feline friends the love we know they deserve. Over the next weeks and months, we’ll share fur-filled stories of hope and happiness from our 140-year journey together, and tell you all about how we’ll be here for cats and their owners now and in the future.

But most of all, we’ll spend this special anniversary celebrating their pure unbridled cattitude and the incredible bond that we share. Regularly sassy, oftentimes goofy, always amazing – we couldn’t ask for better companions for the last 140 years.

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