Freya's Fairytale Ending

13 Feb 2024

Friendly but shy, Freya, arrived at Battersea when her owner was sadly no longer able to care for her. Battersea vets quickly noticed that Freya’s left eye was bulging and unusual in appearance. It was clear that she was in pain and would give a warning swipe to her carers if they got too close.

Further medical examination revealed that there was a cataract in her eye, which could potentially cause health issues for her in the future. To give Freya the best quality of life, she swiftly underwent a successful surgery to remove the eye.

With patience, love and expert care from Battersea staff, Freya bounced back from her operation in no time. As she healed, she began to trust her carers and showed off her affectionate personality.

Freya soon charmed her way into a wonderful new home, and she is now enjoying her life with a new family who adore her.


Fostering gives you the chance to care for one of our animals in our care and have a comfortable environment to thrive in before they find their forever homes.

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