A Fresh Start for Meg

16 Feb 2024

Meg arrived at Battersea as a stray with only one eye and little information about her history.

Upon her initial assessment, our veterinary experts found that she was almost completely blind in her remaining eye and her teeth were in very poor condition.

After a successful dental surgery to remove eight of her teeth and closely monitoring her eye, Meg was feeling much better.

Unfortunately, that wasn't all the medical care she needed. Meg was also diagnosed with MVD, a condition that affects the heart valves. Thankfully, this condition can be managed, giving Meg the chance to live a happy life.

Due to her medical needs, Meg went to stay with a dedicated foster carer while she waited for us to find her a loving new home. Luckily, it wasn’t long before the perfect owners came along, who wanted to give her the best life possible.


Fostering gives you the chance to care for one of our animals in our care and have a comfortable environment to thrive in before they find their forever homes.

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