Pankaj KC

Pankaj KC

Committee Member

Pankaj KC is a dedicated international campaigner who has devoted his life to creating a better and harmonious world for animals and humans alike. With over 15 years of ongoing experience in leading international campaigns on a wide range of issues, from climate change to water and sanitation, as well as various animal welfare concerns, he has contributed to creating significant impact in the field.

Born and raised in Nepal, Pankaj has a deep understanding and appreciation for living in harmony with the community's street dogs. His unique perspective and first-hand experience have provided him with invaluable insights into effectively and, more importantly, humanely managing dog populations.

In his past role as the Director of the 'Animals in Communities' program at World Animal Protection, he was instrumental in leading a global team that advocated for and guided many Lower and Middle Income Countries governments around the world in adopting and implementing humane dog population management policies and programs.

Currently, as a director of campaigns at Humane Society International Europe, he is leading a team spread across Europe to create a better Europe for animals.

In addition to this, he also currently holds the esteemed position of Chair of the International Companion Animal Management Coalition, the only global institution dedicated to improving the lives of dogs and cats worldwide.

Pankaj hopes to inspire others to join the cause and make a positive difference in the lives of animals and humans, ultimately working towards a more compassionate and harmonious planet.