Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs

Our award-winning primetime ITV show ‘Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs’ will be back on Thursday 1 September at 8.30pm, following Paul as he meets some of the homeless dogs within our care.

Filmed across all three of our centres in London, Brands Hatch in Kent and Old Windsor in Berkshire, Paul comes to Battersea to meet the dogs looking for help, love and new homes.

With a mixture of laughter and tears, Paul helps #pogdogs big and small along their journey to finding new homes. Each series includes unforgettable moments with our very own Vets Shaun and Phil and Canine Welfare Trainer Ali.

The last series

In our fourth series, Paul returned to Battersea for more canine capers. We also rolled out the red carpet for the star of ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ Tom Hardy, as well as Her Majesty The Queen.

The dogs of series four


Baloo was gifted to Battersea as his owners separated and were no longer able to care for him. He spent over three months here before finally being rehomed by Lorraine and Spencer from Greenwich. Baloo was filmed with Carly Perry and Paul O’Grady on a visit to the Royal Hospital Chelsea where they met with some ex-service men involved with the Gardening Leave Project. Baloo, who also suffers from arthritis, was filmed with Vet Claire as she helped find the right pain medication to keep him comfortable into his older years.


Bert arrived at Battersea a severely underweight puppy with no muscle tone from not being exercised properly. Unable to walk for any great distances and obviously in pain, staff soon realised he had elbow dysplasia. Bert was taken to see a specialist who sadly determined that his legs were in too poor a condition and he wouldn’t be able to do anything further to improve Bert’s quality of life. Bert was later put to sleep at Battersea and staff were heartbroken but unfortunately nothing more could have been done for him.


Coco was gifted to Battersea by a homeless man who wasn’t allowed into hostel accommodation with a dog. She was very overweight and struggling from heat stroke on arrival.

After a night on fluids she became brighter and showed herself to be a very friendly Lab. Her weight and life on the streets had resulted in issues with her paws and she was placed in moon boots to help cushion her paws.

Now rehomed to a family in Reading, Coco is losing weight and enjoying daily walks.


Dala was brought to Battersea by a Lewisham warden after a member of the public found her cowering under a car with a gash in her neck. Battersea Vets cleaned up the wound however as Dala wasn’t able to wear a buster collar as she kept interfering with it. Staff decided to put booties on her to stop her scratching the wound. Once healed Dala was rehomed by Mandy from Hertfordshire. Mandy later commented that Dala was an escape artist which could explain how she came to injure her neck.


Diamond was gifted into Battersea as her owners were unable to cope with her behaviour. Due to her tendency to chew things she had been kept in a crate for most of the day and at night. She would mess in her bed and was quite anxious.

Battersea staff started feeding Diamond in her bed to help her build positive associations with it. She was also xrayed after some concern over the way she walked however results proved she was fine amd and she was cleared from having any leg or hip issues.

Diamond has now been happily rehomed and has not messed her bed since.

Flower and pups

Flower was was seven weeks pregnant when she was brought to Battersea as a stray.

A couple weeks later she gave birth to three Yorkshire Terrier cross Jack Russell pups but sadly one died. Flower and her two pups, Clover and Posey, have now been rehomed to three separate families.


Soft and affectionate Georgie was brought to the Home from Tree Tops Kennels. Little was known of her history however staff suspected she may have been used as a guard dog. Her previous owners had illegally docked her ears which gave Georgie an unusual appearance. Famous photographer Rankin took photos of Georgie as part of a shoot and said he would have rehomed her himself if he had the space. She is now living with a couple in East Sussex who also have an older German Shepherd called Jude.


Hayes was gifted to Battersea as his owners had no one to care for him when they went away. His large toothy grin was unfortunately misinterpreted by potential rehomers as aggressive - it was actually a submissive sign. Staff had some concerns about his reactions to other dogs but, after some further assessing by Ali, Head of Canine Behaviour, he was cleared for rehoming. Hayes now has a new home with a family living in Middlesex.


Hector was brought to Battersea after being found abandoned in a house after his owners had been evicted. He weighed only 10kgs on arrival, 8 kilos under his ideal weight. Over the course of five weeks, staff fed Hector in creative ways to ensure he gained weight in a healthy manner. At 15kgs he was made available for rehoming, and found a happy home with Elisabeth and Philipp.


11 year-old Hope came to us so stressed and depressed that she didn’t want to play or even go for walks. After some love and care from the team at Battersea, and a bit of attention from a handsome Lurcher called Billy, Hope was ready for a new home.

She is now relaxed and loved by Chris from East London, who has nicknamed her ‘Hopey-popey’.


Little Lacey was brought to Battersea as a stray.

While under anaesthetic for a routine spay, staff noticed one of her legs was slightly longer than the other. An xray was taken and revealed that she had a broken leg that had healed badly but also that her body was riddled with gunshot pellet wounds. Despite this she was happy and pain free so was cleared for rehoming.

Gary and Peter offered Lacey (now Pickle) a new home and are absolutely smitten with her.

Lady & Gemma

Lady and Gemma were gifted to Battersea as their elderly owners were no longer able to care for them. Their grandson was filmed bringing the dogs in, unable to care for them himself. Lady and Gemma spent nearly two months at Battersea as both had to have operations on their ears to remove an infected part of the ear canal. They have now been happily rehomed by a couple from West London.


Miley was gifted to Battersea as her owner was no longer able to keep her in her flat. She was a bit stressed in kennels but quickly warmed to Paul who helped discover her penchant for tennis balls.

Miley was rehomed to a loving owner and now lives in Manchester.


Millie was gifted to Battersea as her owner changed jobs and was no longer able to care for her. Millie arrived with two bags full of outfits and accessories and quickly became known as a little princess. Millie has now been rehomed to a couple in Aylesbury and has swapped her glamorous life for a country life, sharing a home with two chickens and four cats.


This loveable mongrel puppy was found as a stray on the streets of Camden. Paul therefore chose to name her Nancy after the streetwise character in ‘Oliver’.

She is now loving life and getting plenty of attention in her new home with the Jones family in Cornwall.


Peanut was gifted to Battersea as his owners were moving home. His poor breathing was a concern for staff and he underwent an operation to clear his airways and help with his piggy snort.

The operation went well and he has since become a more energetic dog with much improved breathing.

Peanut has now been rehomed to a couple in Berkshire, who have another white Pug called Jessie.


Pluto arrived at Brands Hatch in February as a young puppy that was quite underweight. He went on foster with Rehoming Welfare Assistant Chloe who noticed he wasn’t able to keep food down and therefore couldn’t gain wait. After some tests it was discovered Pluto has a condition called Mega-oesophagus, where the muscles in his neck don’t work properly making it difficult for him to swallow. With the help of a specially-designed Bailey chair made by Battersea’s Maintenance team, Pluto can now be fed in a way that allows food to reach his stomach more easily. Having grown to love him during his time he spent with them, Pluto was rehomed by Chloe’s parents and is now living in Oxfordshire.


Sidney was returned to Battersea in 2015 after being rehomed five years ago. He spent two years here the first time around and had spent another four months at the Home prior to meeting Paul. Poor Sidney found kennel life quite stressful and displayed concerning related behaviours, including eating his toys. While at the Home, Sidney underwent an operation to remove part of a toy from his stomach and spent lots of time with our Behavioural team. To have a break from kennel life Sidney went to Working Dogs Foundation (WDF) where his behaviour improved vastly. Sidney has now been rehomed to Sarah, a Battersea fosterer, who had looked after him during his first time at Battersea.


Energetic Titch was found stray in South East London. Hollywood star Tom Hardy took an instant shine to him on a visit to Battersea and said he would have offered him a home himself had he did not already had two other dogs. Tom and Paul were filmed playing with Titch in his kennel. Titch has now been rehomed to a family in East London who has previously owned Rottweilers and are confident with larger breeds.


When ‘scruffy’ 8-year-old Yorkie Titch came into Battersea, his hair was so matted that he had to be shaved completely.

Despite the hairless transformation, it was love at first sight when he met Doris. Giving her a lick to the face; she knew that she had found her new soul-mate.

His hair has since grown back, and he loves nothing more than playing on the sofa in his new home.

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