Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs

Our award-winning primetime ITV show ‘Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs’, following Paul as he meets some of the dogs in our care.

Paul O'Grady sitting on a bench with a little white dog on his lap

Filmed across our three centres in London, Old Windsor, and Brands Hatch, animal lover extraordinaire and Battersea Ambassador Paul O’Grady meets some of the many Battersea dogs looking for help, love and new homes.

Series 11 on ITV from Thursday 13 April

Filmed last year, the 11th series of Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs, will air on ITV from Thursday 13 April. Our staff and volunteers loved working on this series with Paul, and know that it will bring lots of joy and laughter to viewers.

During the decade Paul worked with Battersea and on Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs, his genuine love for dogs, cats and passion for animal welfare truly came to life. He had such a positive impact on animals and humans alike.

Episode 7, Thursday 21 September, 8.30pm, ITV

In the seventh episode of Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs, Paul meets 11-year-old Chihuahua, Princess. Since being returned to Battersea, this senior lady is struggling with some serious health issues including poor vision due to cataracts in one of her eyes and Paul will need to take her to clinic for some urgent attention from Battersea’s veterinary team. Is there any way Paul can help this poorly pooch find a new home?  

Next up Paul meets larger-than-life Bertie, a Beagle Basset Hound Cross, whose sedentary lifestyle is causing some concern amongst Battersea staff. Paul needs to help this portly pooch fall in love with exercise again and he sets up a special agility course to help Bertie shed the pounds before he meets his new owners.  

Finally, Paul meets loveable Lurcher Benny. This young boy is shy around new people and Paul will have to use all his charm to help build up his confidence. Maybe Paul can enlist the help of another furry resident that can help Benny come out of his shell and live his best life.   

Episode 6, Thursday 14 September, 8.30pm, ITV

In the sixth instalment, Paul meets a bouncy 11-month-old Pointer called Scruff whose boisterous ways are making it tricky for him to find him a new home. After Paul helps Scruff burn off some energy with a scent training session, Battersea staff think he might be in with a chance of making it as a working dog for the prison service. Can Paul help Scruff land his dream job? 

Paul with pointer

Equally as energetic is Labrador Cross Bea, who came into Battersea as a stray and staff think she might also be in with a chance of making it as working dog. Perhaps Paul can find a way to keep her mind focused with an activity course to help Bea learn to channel her energy.  

Finally, Paul befriends Lucas, a six-year-old Pekingese, who desperately needs surgery from Battersea’s expert veterinary team as the folds on his face are irritating his eyes and he is also struggling with his breathing. Paul is on hand to help give this loveable ball of fluff the TLC he needs to recover, but will Lucas be able to find his forever home?

Episode 5, Thursday 7 September, 8.30pm, ITV

In episode five, Paul meets a Lurcher called Tara. This nervous young pup’s whining suggests she is struggling with separation anxiety and she needs Paul’s help to build up her confidence so she can feel happier about spending time alone. But Paul and Battersea staff become worried when a mystery illness causes her to start losing weight and she is rushed to clinic for urgent medical attention from Battersea’s veterinary team. Is there anything that can be done to help this poorly pup?

paul with staffie

Paul also meets two-year-old Staffie, Sarah. Since arriving at Battersea, she’s proving to be a very worried girl who is too scared to come out of her kennel. Paul has really got his work cut out helping Sarah venture out into in the big wide world and he’s going to have to use all his charm to help her come out of her shell.  

Finally, Paul meets 10-year-old Yorkshire Terrier, Pixie, who has bad breath and is need of a makeover. After Paul takes her for a trip to the Battersea clinic for some much-needed dental work, he lines up a special grooming session to help Pixie look her best as she searches for a new home.

Episode 4, Thursday 4 May, 8:30pm, ITV

In episode four, there’s an emergency arrival at Battersea as stray Lurcher Freddie has a nasty injury that needs urgent medical attention. After Battersea staff jump into action to help this poor pooch, Paul is on hand to offer Freddie all love and comfort he needs to help his recovery. Perhaps Paul can help find this loveable Lurcher find a peaceful place to help Freddie get better?

Pogdogs S11 Murphy

Next up Paul meets Barry. This energetic 8-month-old French Bulldog is finding kennel life a little stressful and will need to undergo Brachycephalic Obstructive Airway Syndrome (BOAS) surgery so he can exercise carefree like other dogs. In the meantime, Paul needs to help calm this excitable pup down, so he takes Barry off to Battersea’s garden so he can sniff out some scents to help reduce his anxiety.  

Last but by no means least, Paul meets two-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel, George. This nervous pooch needs help making bonds with new people, so Paul enlists some help from his famous friends to bring this shy boy out of his shell. But will Paul be able to help George overcome his shyness in time to find a forever home?


Episode 3, Thursday, 27 April, 8:30pm, ITV

In the third instalment, Paul is introduced to two-year-old Spaniel, Murphy. Most of Battersea’s Spaniels are lively, jumpy and love a good run around, but poor Murphy is suffering from a painful skin condition and is one of the most withdrawn dogs Battersea’s staff have ever seen. He was found tied up by a member of the public before being taken into our care and Paul is really going to have his work cut out in helping Murphy build up his trust in people again. Will Paul be able to help shine some light into this poor boy’s life so he can find his forever home?

Pogdogs Series 11 Murphy
Next up, Paul befriends Lola a sweet six-year-old Shorkie with a Spanish chip. Lola has been perplexing Battersea staff as she’s been turning her nose up at her food. After Paul gets Lola checked out by Battersea’s clinic staff, he needs to help Lola get her appetite back. Perhaps Paul can tempt her by rustling up a tapas treat for this fussy eater, in time for a special meeting with one of Battersea’s famous friends.

Finally, Paul encounters Robbie. This bouncing boy is barking mad and Paul is going to have to have to help this Patterdale Terrier show some manners if he’s ever going to find a new home. To keep Robbie busy, Paul has a few tennis ball tricks up his sleeve that will help calm his yappy ways.


Episode 2, Thursday 20 April, 8:30pm, ITV

In the second episode Paul finds Daisy, a Springer Spaniel who’s had a tough start in life after being found wandering the streets before being taken to Battersea. After Daisy takes a visit to the clinic, Battersea’s vets think that she might be pregnant. Will Paul soon be hearing the pitter and patter of tiny paws?

Next up, Paul meets Doberman pup Fudge. This lively young lady is full of energy and Paul has his work cut out as Fudge is mouthing and needs to be shown how to play nicely. After playing with Fudge, Paul notices a problem with her front legs, so he takes her off to see Battersea’s experts for some help.  

Finally, Paul befriends Terry, a 14-year-old Jack Russel Terrier. Although he’s an older boy, Paul discovers that Terry is still a young pup at heart. With Terry undergoing some much-needed dental work, Paul is determined to help this golden oldie celebrate a birthday to remember. But will Paul be able to help this senior pooch find a forever home of his own?

Pogdogs Series 11 Terry


Episode 1, Thursday 13 April, 8:30pm, ITV

In the first episode of the new series, Paul falls head over heels for two-year-old Newfoundland, Peggy, a big loveable ball of fluff who arrived as a stray at Battersea. But after Paul and Battersea staff spot a problem with her back legs, Paul takes her off to see our expert vet, where its discovered Peggy will need to undergo life-changing surgery. It’ll be a long road ahead for Peggy, but Paul will be on hand every step of the way for moral support and lots of cuddles.

Pogdogs Series 11 Paul with Peggy
Next up, Paul meets Labrador Cross Grace, a bouncy young lady who is obsessed with water. So much so that she prefers tipping it out all over her kennel rather than keeping it in her bowl! Will Paul be able to help her channel her energy in the right way in time for her to find a new home?

Finally, Paul meets Katie, a shy eight-year-old Cockapoo who was found wandering in the woods before being taken to Battersea. This poor girl is very nervous of new people. Perhaps another furry resident at Battersea can help Katie come out of her shell?