Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs

Our award-winning primetime ITV show ‘Paul O’Grady: For the Love of Dogs’, following Paul as he meets some of the homeless dogs within our care.

Filmed across all three of our centres in London, Brands Hatch in Kent and Old Windsor in Berkshire, Paul comes to Battersea to meet the dogs looking for help, love and new homes.

With a mixture of laughter and tears, Paul helps #pogdogs big and small along their journey to finding new homes. Each series includes unforgettable moments with our very own Vet Shaun and Canine Welfare Trainer Ali.

The fifth series

Episode recap

Thursday 1 September - Episode one

Paul returns to Battersea for more canine capers and meets Spencer the stray Beagle, who is consigned to quarantine with a contagious virus and petrified of humans. Paul also meets Lydia, the Hungarian Puli, a heavily dreadlocked rare pedigree, who is struggling in the hot summer heat, and Tintin the tearaway Yorkshire Terrier who he takes for a trip to the hairdressers. 

Thursday 8 September - Episode two

Paul meets three dogs in need of companionship. First up is excitable 10-month-old mongrel Blake, who loves playing with his toys - but when Paul suspects his eyesight is not as it should be and the vets confirm his fears, Paul is given the challenge of finding the canine a suitable friend to act as his very own guide dog. Paul also meets Jacko the Jack Russell, who has been down in the dumps ever since arriving at Battersea, and 14-week-old Saluki Forest, who is in quarantine due to a stomach bug. Paul tries to come up with a way of keeping the puppy entertained - but with no physical contact allowed, that proves easier said than done.

Thursday 15 September - Episode three

On Paul's latest visit to Battersea he falls for the toothless boxer Prince. The pair hit it off immediately, leaving Paul to wonder whether he should rehome the canine himself. But there is bad news - Prince has a suspicious lump on his leg that requires urgent attention. Paul also meets Yorkshire terrier Dash, whose bark has lost its bite leaving him with a very unusual, squeaky voice. As if that were not bad enough, the little canine soon earns the nickname 'Dash the Slash' after the comedian takes him out for a walk and ends up with a wet leg.

Thursday 22 September - Episode four

Paul meets Happi, a Nepalese mountain dog - a breed never featured on the show before - who is a lover of vegetarian food, putting the funnyman's culinary skills to the test as he prepares the pooch's dinner. He also befriends Rumble the greyhound, who has an unusual problem - he is so happy, his tail has become damaged with all the wagging it does. Finally, Paul hears the story of Parsnip and Carrot, both suspected victims of backstreet breeding. Parsnip in particular is in a bad way, with infected mammary glands as a result of a recent pregnancy.

Thursday 6 October - Episode five

Paul meets enthusiastic Greyhound Collie cross Bud, who has been with us for more than two years. He has boundless energy and needs an owner to match, so Paul enters him into the Muddy Dog Challenge, hoping he will catch the eye of the athletic pet-lovers. He also helps spaniel Willow, who was found tied to a tree outside our Old Windsor site in a dreadful condition, and acts as masseur to Jenson the staffie, who suffered accidental scarring that has left his back dry and itchy.

Thursday 13 October - Episode six

Paul is in puppy heaven when he meets a litter of newborn Staffie cross pups - but things turn serious when three of them fall sick and are rushed into intensive care. Paul also gets to grips with feisty collie pup Tilly, assisted by a 13-year-old girl visiting Battersea with the Make-a-Wish foundation, and helps doddery 16-year-old Tiny, a Yorkie whose arthritis has the medical team worried.

Thursday 27 October - Episode seven

Over the past weeks Paul's had his ears nipped, his face smacked by an over-enthusiastic tail, countless dog-breath kisses and several full-body drenchings from post-bath shakes, and tonight is the last episode of the series. 

Once again, Paul falls in love with Dudley, a cute ball of puppy fluff but profoundly deaf, and big old Igloo, the gentle Akita that’s been at Battersea for nine months because of serious health issues. But it’s elderly English Bull Terrier Beryl that he’s “mad for” who sadly has tumours dangling from her stomach.

Sunday 25 December - Christmas special

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