Advice following closure of XL bully neutering scheme in collaboration with Battersea, Blue Cross and RSPCA

10 Jun 2024

We understand that the ban is upsetting and unsettling for responsible XL Bully owners who are having to pay costs for the exemption application, third party insurance and neutering in order to legally keep their pet. That is why we have been working together with Blue Cross and RSPCA to provide financial support to a number of pet-owners struggling with the cost of neutering for their XL Bully, to allow them to comply with the exemption requirements and avoid the risk of their pet being seized by police following the neutering deadline on 30 June.

As a result of the scheme, we have managed to help 1800 dogs and their owners comply with the exemption rules. Due to high demand, the scheme is no longer accepting new applications. We strongly advise pet owners to contact a local veterinary practice for help in getting their dog neutered before the deadline of 30 June. For more information please visit DEFRA’s website.