• Age 5 months
  • Living with children Can live with teenagers
  • Breed spaniel: cocker
  • Living with dogs Can Live With
  • Sex Male
  • Living with cats Not To Live With
  • Size Small
  • Ideal home location Any Location
  • Centre Old Windsor
  • Reference 408633

More about ALAN

Alan is a sensitive and anxious puppy based at Battersea Old Windsor, who absolutely adores making new friends with people. He is looking for new owners that will help him learn all about the world.

Alan is deaf, so will need owners that either have experience with training a deaf dog or are willing to learn about how best to support him.

Alan currently clings to people he is bonded to which is leading to some separation anxiety when left alone. His new owners must be prepared to work through this.

Alan has shown some worry around meeting other dogs, but could possibly live with another dog that is tolerant of puppies. He has spent time on foster, living with multiple dogs &he is slowly gain confidence with his interactions and following their lead. Being deaf, a mature adult who is gentle, calm and patient could be a good role model for him.

Alan needs a home that can offer him plenty of training and stimulation. His new owners must be prepared for all the training and time that is required to raise a deaf puppy.

He is affectionate and loving but has picked up a few little bad habits such as some nipping and humping, new owners will need to continue training around these areas.

Alan loves soft toys and rubber teething toys. He should be provided with nylabones and chews that are suitable for puppies to aid with any mouthing and teething.

Alan is work in progress and will require owners with plenty of time and patience to dedicate to him. If you would like to discuss him in more detail, please email or call 01784 494 443.

If you are not yet registered for rehoming, please visit
Thank you.

Please be aware that due to the high number of enquiries we are receiving, we are only able to respond to individual queries that look to be a match for Alan's needs. Thank you for your understanding.