How our fees work

Fees explained

Battersea deducts an average 3% processing fee from your donation to help cover transaction fees and keep our online donation service secure. When you opt to cover fees, we ensure more of your money goes towards helping Battersea do what it does best – give brighter futures to the 7,000 dogs and cats that arrive at our gates every year. 

Processing fee in detail

Our 3% fee is calculated based on an average calculation of fees incurred for donations.

These fees include:

Card processing and transaction fees

  • 1.4% per donation for UK debit cards
  • 1.4% + 20p transaction fee per donation for UK credit cards and direct debits
  • 1.4% + 20p transaction fee per donation for Paypal payments
  • 2.4% + 20p transaction fee per donation for international cards

Postcode lookup fee

  • 6p per transaction

The chart below helps explain how fees are calculated based on three common donation amounts. 

Your donation example £5 £10 £20
Card processing fee (1.4%) £0.07 £0.14 £0.28
Transaction fee (£0.20) £0.20 £0.20 £0.20
Postcode lookup fee (£0.06) £0.06 £0.06 £0.06
Total fee  £0.33 £0.40 £0.54
Fee as a percentage of donation 6.6% 4% 2.7%