How to Create a Harmonious Multi-Cat Household - Transcript

Cats are naturally solitary so conflict can occur when they're sharing a home. As owners it is important to offer the right home environment and resources to promote a harmonious multi-cat household. The best way to encourage positive relationships in a multi-cat household is by having the right number of resources in the best locations so each cat has access to everything they need without having to come into contact with each other. So what do these resources include?

Each cat's feeding station should be separate from other cats such as one feeding station on the kitchen floor and another on the counter or opposite ends of the kitchen. Your cats will want to be able to see all around them while they eat to spot any potential threats. Provide several water sources around the home including outside and on different levels if you have a multi-storey home. Water bowls should be placed away from food bowls as this will encourage your cats to drink more.  

The rule of thumb for litter trays is one tray per cat plus one extra so for a household of two cats you should provide three litter trays. These should be located separately from each other in private locations so your cats can toilet undisturbed. Take a look at our advice on creating cat-friendly toileting facilities for more details.

Scratching posts are a great spot for scent marking whilst keeping your cats' claws in good condition. Placing several around the home ideally at entry and exit points of rooms allows your cats to establish territories, helping them feel more secure. Installing pheromone diffusers in rooms frequented by your cats can help them feel more settled in their environment. Some pheromone diffusers such as Feliway Friends are specifically created for multi-cat households.

Offering several hiding options such as enclosed cat beds, cardboard boxes, tall cat trees or the top of a wardrobe allows your cat to take refuge in their own established resting places. These safe areas allow them to retreat from any stressful situations. Installing a cat flap means your cats can control when they access the garden and quickly remove themselves from any conflict situations. This gives them even more space from each other and more territory to exhibit natural behaviours. Make sure you dedicate individual time and attention to each cat when they are keen to interact, including play which is a vital part of mental stimulation.

That was our advice on how to create a harmonious multi-cat household. For more hints and tips head to the Battersea website and follow our social channels.