The Battersea Way: Online Training Classes - Terms and Conditions

Adult Dog Training Programme

Thank you for signing up to take part in our online Adult Dog Training class(es). Please read our Terms and Conditions carefully and contact our Training the Battersea Way team on if you have any questions.

By registering for our online Adult Dog Training class(es) you are deemed to have agreed to the following Terms and Conditions:



Battersea will be utilising Zoom to facilitate this course. It is your responsibility to ensure that you have a device available to use that is capable of running the software. You will be required to be on camera and have access to a microphone during our sessions, to allow our trainer to communicate with you effectively and provide the best possible service. Please be aware that, Battersea cannot be held responsible for any technological failure before or during a session, that may lead to information being missed.

Battersea will send you a link to access Zoom prior to the classes starting. You will not need to have a Zoom account, although you will be required to provide your name. You understand that Zoom are an independent company to Battersea. More information on how Zoom uses personal data is available on their website.

Attendees are not allowed to record these sessions. Battersea will also not record these sessions without the permission of all attendees, and there will be no obligation to provide such permission.


Refunds and Missing Classes

You will be expected to pay the full sum of the class(es) upon registration. Please note Battersea cannot issue any full or partial refunds or transfer bookings to an alternative date, should you be unable to attend the class(es) you have registered to attend. A refund may only be admitted should circumstances arise in which Battersea are unable to provide the service. In the event a class is missed, Battersea will not be able to provide full details with regards to the content of the missed session.


Implementation of Training

The Adult Dog Training classes have been created by our team of experts and aims to provide you with tools that support owning a well-rounded dog. Please note that it is your responsibility to ensure you continue to practise the behaviours taught during the class. Battersea cannot be held responsible for the behaviour and temperament of your dog following completion of the course.


Attending Classes with Additional People

Battersea actively encourages all members of the household to be present for training sessions, including children. Please note that we expect attendees to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner when on camera, both towards the trainer and other participants. Parents are responsible for ensuring children conduct themselves in a calm manner and keep noise levels to a minimum when training. Our trainers may ask you to temporarily mute your screen in the event noise levels are deemed excessive and disruptive to others in the class.


Training Methods

In line with Battersea’s policy, we practise force free, positive training techniques that have been developed through scientific research and proven effective. We do not utilise methods that achieve behavioural change through the induction of fear or pain. Please note you will be expected to utilise positive methods within training classes that are suggested by the trainer and in line with the Battersea training policy. Any attendees who elect to use physical correction or aversive training tools, will be asked to remove these items before continuing.



Prior to your session you will receive an e-mail detailing any equipment you may need for your upcoming session. Please note it is your responsibility to ensure you have all the necessary equipment ready before attending the session.



You are deemed to have accepted these Terms and Conditions upon registration. Battersea reserves the right to refuse attendance at any time to anyone in breach of these Terms and Conditions. Battersea reserves the right to cancel, suspend or amend the Adult Dog Training classes or these Terms and Conditions where it becomes necessary to do so. Insofar as is permitted by law, Battersea will not in any circumstances be responsible or liable to compensate attendees or accept any liability for any damage or injury occurred as a result of participating in the Adult Dog Training classes except where it is caused by the negligence of Battersea. Your statutory rights are not affected.

The information you’ve provided to Battersea will be treated with respect and used to send you important information about each training session, and a certificate or completion at the end of the course. We will also use your information for analysis and administration purposes, and to communicate with you by post under our legitimate interest, or by email, telephone or text message if we have your permission to do so. If you would like us not to contact you or want to change the way we communicate with you at any time, please contact our Supporter Services team on 0300 323 1216,, or by writing to: Supporter Services Team, Battersea Dogs & Cats Home, 4 Battersea Park Road, London SW8 4AA. Further information about how we protect and use your personal data is available in our Privacy Policy.

Attendees will be sent a post-training evaluation to help us monitor the success of our training sessions. There is no obligation for attendees to complete any evaluations.

Attendees may also be asked to participate in publicity related to the Adult Dog Training classes, which may include the publication of their name and photograph in any media. Attendees will be asked their permission prior to any details being used in publicity.

The Adult Dog Training classes are available to attendees throughout the world, however they should have a good understanding of English so that they can contribute to the session and fully benefit from the training provided. All programme timings are GMT.

The Adult Dog Training classes, these Terms and Conditions, and any dispute or claim between the parties arising out of or in connection with it or its subject matter or formation (including non-contractual disputes or claims) shall be governed and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales. Each party irrevocably agrees that the courts of England and Wales shall have exclusive jurisdiction to settle any dispute or claim (including non-contractual disputes or claims) arising out of or in connection with the Adult Dog Training classes and/ or these Terms and Conditions, or their subject matter or formation. Battersea reserves the right to make changes to these Terms and Condition from time to time.