Umi's story

25 Mar 2024

This is Umi's story

Friendly and affectionate Corgi cross Umi came into Battersea when her family had a change in circumstances and could sadly no longer care for her. Originally a rescue dog from Romania, Umi travelled to the UK when she was young.

On arrival at Battersea, Umi was found to be very overweight and blind in one eye, due to a suspected earlier trauma. Although Umi was approaching her retirement years, she still had the spritely and exuberant ways of a dog half her age, if a little slower sometimes when she walked. Umi was not one to let age hold her back and was always ready for new adventures, including embarking on an exercise plan to help her lose weight and enjoying splashing around in muddy puddles.

Umi quickly began charming all who met her during her stay at Battersea. She adored sitting on laps for a cuddle in between walks and spending time with her favourite people. Umi needed a little confidence building in some areas, so she spent a brief time in a foster home, where she soon flourished and began showing off all facets of her wonderful personality.


Umi managed well with her vision in only one eye, however when Battersea's skilled veterinary team examined Umi’s eye, they suspected that it may become painful and infected over time, due to pressure building within the eye. To improve Umi’s quality of life and to help alleviate the risk of pain as she got older, the decision was made to perform surgery to remove the eye.

In true Umi style, she bounced back from her surgery in no time and began the search for her new home. It wasn’t long before her new family fell for her unique charms. Umi is now enjoying life in Surrey and showing off the sassy, age-defying qualities that all at Battersea came to know and love. Umi is in fine health, doing wonderfully with her exercise plan and continues to enchant everyone she meets.

Leanne and Michael, Umi’s new owners say:

“She is such a little joyful character, very cute and mischievous when she wants to be and seemingly so “young” for her age! We’ve been practising her recall in the park, and she sprints – when there is food involved of course!

She is doing wonderfully and is very much a part of our family. Our neighbours love her, and she has made some doggy pals who she enjoys walking with. We very much enjoy our evening strolls in the park. Umi sends love and licks and is currently snoring next to us…not a bad life!!”

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