Vitabiotics is supporting Battersea through sales of SuperDog vitamins.

Dog sitting at a people in front of SuperDog vitamins.


As the UK’s No.1 vitamin company, Vitabiotics is widely acknowledged as the market and innovation leader within the field of vitamins and nutrition.

In addition to its renowned line of human products, Vitabiotics have developed SuperDog vitamins; a scientifically formulated product range providing advanced nutritional support for man’s best friend. The advanced supplements, suitable for all dogs, provide essential nutrients for general health and wellbeing, support for the immune system, joint mobility, coat condition and more.

Vitabiotics have proudly supported Battersea since 2015, and this year is no different as they will be donating 35p plus VAT to Battersea for every pack of SuperDog Health & Vitality and SuperDog Joint and Bones sold. With these funds, we will be able to continue our work not only caring for dogs in our centres, but also sharing our knowledge and resources with rescue organisations and pet owners around the world.

Robert Taylor, Senior Vice President of Vitabiotics said, “SuperDog is dedicated to the health and wellbeing of all dogs, regardless of breed, size or background, so it was a natural decision for us to partner with Battersea who work tirelessly to support dogs in need. We’re proud to help raise money and awareness for this amazing charity. During difficult times, the support that dogs and humans give each other has been immense and we are glad to feel stronger together with Battersea.”

To learn more about SuperDog and the partnership, visit the Vitabiotics website.