Tips for taking on a cycling challenge

If you’re new to cycling or just want to brush up on the basics, then we’ve gathered some of our top tips to ensure you are safe and ready to start training for your road race.  



Protecting yourself is crucial and you should make sure that your helmet is comfortable and fits correctly. You should also replace your helmet in line with the manufacturer’s instructions. If you’re unsure about the fit then visit your local bike shop where an expert will be able to advise.

Cycling shorts

If you’re cycling a long distance then you will want to consider investing in quality shorts that are well padded and have a good fit. This will prevent any chafing and discomfort so you can focus on pedalling.

Look after your bike

Ensuring your bike is cleaned, regularly serviced and running as it should will keep you safe and reduce the risk of it breaking when you’re training or even on the day of your challenge. This should also include practising how to repair a puncture.

Bike and saddle fit

Checking your bike has everything at the right height and position is important because you need to be comfortable. Doing this will also prevent injury.

Clipless shoes

Clipless shoes can be a real help, but you must practise using them, making sure they are positioned correctly before your big day.  


Things to keep you going

We thought it would be helpful to signpost you to some of our favourite apps and websites. Most of the time they’re free to access, and can help you keep track of your progress on the go.


The number 1 app for trekking, running and cycling, strava will enable you to see all your training sessions and share your progress with friends and family.


Zwift is a virtual training app which allows you to train and compete from home.

The global cycling network (GNC) 

The GNC has over 2 million subscribers and is filled with lots of great tips and videos, so why not tune in and immerse yourself into the cycling community.