Tips for running challenges

Thank you on behalf of everyone at Battersea for choosing to take on a running challenge to raise money for the dogs and cats in our care. You are embarking on an exciting journey with Team Battersea and this guide is here to help kickstart your adventure and support you every step of the way.  

Running is an amazing way to push yourself physically and clear your head. Having a running challenge in the diary gives you a clear goal and structure to your training. Below, we have gathered some of our top running tips:


1. Trainers

It’s not about having the most expensive ones you can find, but rather the best pair for your feet that are comfortable and supportive – protecting you from injury. The same goes for the rest of your running clothes.


2. Run with intervals

if you are new to running it is important not to run with any expectations as this can be demotivating. Begin your runs without any expectations and mix running and walking every couple of minutes, building this up over time. You can find specific interval plans for different runs online. Pacing yourself also decreases the risk of overdoing it and getting an injury.


3. Don't forget to stretch

Warming up and cooling down are crucial to avoiding injury and helping your muscles to recover.


Things to keep you going

We thought it would be helpful to signpost you to some of our favourite apps and websites. Most of the time they’re free to access, and help you keep track of your progress on the go. We also love podcasts – these are great when you’re training and want something different to music or even when you’re commuting and want to listen to something to keep you motivated!


Strava is the number one app for trekking, running and cycling, this will enable you to see all your training sessions and share your progress with friends and family. 

Runtastic by adidas

Runtastic is a website with training and nutrition tips. This is a great place to get general advice and read about other people’s success stories. 

Couch to 5k by nhs choices

An app for beginners, Couch to 5k will get you from being a ‘couch potato’ to running 5k in just nine weeks. 

Run selfie repeat by Kelly Roberts

Perfect for short runs, Kelly’s pep talks are empowering and will help you get through those tough runs.